Floor Treatments

Floor treatments and acoustic floor underlayments install below a finished floor to reduce footfall, impact noise and the transmission of sound through a flooring assembly. Acoustic floor underlayments help to structurally isolate the top layer of the floor from the rest of the components. This essentially ‘short circuits’ the sound, keeping it from passing through the completed assembly.

These materials are used to build what is commonly referred to a ‘floating floor.’ Acoustic underlayments may be installed under many types of materials, including: engineered wood, hardwood, laminate, LVT (luxury vinyl tile), concrete, carpet and tile.

  • Acousti-Mat® Floor Underlayment is manufactured using extruded nylon filament bonded to a non-woven fabric and is a popular choice for concrete and gypcrete flooring assemblies.
  • Acousti-Top® Floor Underlayment is a popular product for use in the construction of multi-family dwellings, often when switching from carpet to rigid LVT or engineered flooring options.
  • Iso-Step® Floor Underlayment is manufactured from recycled rubber and may be used in a wide range of flooring assemblies.

All of these materials are installed under flooring finishes to generate a higher IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rating for a construction assembly to reduce the transmission of impact sounds.