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Acoustic Ceiling, Panels, Room Treatment Calculator

Unsure of how much acoustical material to add to your space? With the Acoustical Solutions reverb calculator, simply enter your room dimensions, select a product and pick your desired reverberation time. Our calculator will do the rest to provide you with the appropriate amount of acoustic material.

In essence, a room with a low reverb time will sound better, feel more comfortable and have a higher level of speech intelligibility. Reverberation is the result of sound energy bouncing and reflecting off the surfaces of the room. Reverberation time is the amount of time it takes for the sound energy to decay by 60 dB (decibels) once the sound source has stopped. The reverberation time of a space has a direct impact on speech intelligibility and music clarity.

Our reverb calculator utilizes the room dimensions, the sound absorption ratings of the product selected and desired reverberation time to estimate how much acoustical material your space requires. This tool is meant to supply approximate estimates based on basic room construction.