Sound Blankets

Acoustic sound blankets are manufactured in two typical configurations. We have sound blankets that absorb sound to reduce noise as well as absorber-barrier combination blankets that both absorb and block sound. These acoustic blankets utilize a fiberglass absorber quilted to various facings with optional barrier septum for use in indoor, outdoor or high temperature applications.

Most often, these quilted fiberglass blankets are used to control sound and noise in industrial, manufacturing and construction, but they also have various uses in private, residential and commercial applications.

Please Note: While properly installed sound blankets will noticeably reduce noise, they will not eliminate it entirely. All blankets can be tailored to your project, but specific project needs will determine the proper blanket type and quantity. If you are unsure of either, please call one of our acoustical specialists at 800-782-5742.


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  • PrivacyShield® Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket


  • PrivacyShield® Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket Partition


  • PrivacyShield® Outdoor Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket


  • PrivacyShield® Industrial Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket


  • PrivacyShield® Dual-Sided Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket


  • PrivacyShield® Industrial Dual-Sided Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket

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  • AlphaSorb® Dual-Sided Absorptive Sound Blanket


  • AlphaSorb® Dual-Sided Outdoor Absorptive Sound Blanket


  • AlphaSorb® Dual-Sided Industrial Absorptive Sound Blanket


  • Blanket Enclosure

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