Sound Barriers

Sound barriers are materials used to block or soundproof a room or piece of noisy equipment. We have various types of sound blocking systems, enclosures and materials for existing and new soundproofing construction. Isolation clips for walls and ceilings to cover with drywall, rolls of mass loaded vinyl to use in new construction for walls, ceilings and floors. Acoustical sound barrier blankets are used to erect walls and enclosures to block equipment noise in factories and manufacturing facilities. Floor underlayments reduce footfall noise from above. Call us with your application.

Absorber-Barrier Combination

Absorber-barrier products combine multiple materials that will both absorb and block sound. Use these materials to create sound barrier walls or line machine enclosures to reduce noise. Most often the composite materials will contain a barrier layer and an absorptive layer.

  • The sound barrier blankets use a mass loaded vinyl with quilted fiberglass to line walls or surround equipment. Sound blankets may be used to construct temporary walls to block construction noise from heavy machinery, equipment or other noise sources.
  • Composite foams utilize two layers of acoustical foam with a decoupled barrier septum to block and absorb sound, typically used in machine enclosures. 
  • Fabric wrapped fiberglass panels are constructed using two layers of acoustical fiberglass on either side of mass loaded barrier and are used block sound transmission through walls while providing an upscale look.

Use these materials in any application requires harsh sound levels to be lowered.


ABBC-13 AudioSeal® Combination Sound Blanket

ABBC-13 AudioSeal® Portable Blanket Screen

ABBC-13EXT AudioSeal® Exterior Sound Blanket

ABBC-14 AudioSeal® Silicone Coated Sound Blanket

ABSC-25 AudioSeal® Combination Sound Blanket

ABSC-26 AudioSeal® Combination Sound Blanket

AlphaSorb® Barrier Acoustic Panels

Desktop Sound Masking Systems

Our Desktop Sound Masking Systems are an available option to consider when a portable white noise solution for speech privacy is desired in small offices. Just plug it into the wall and set the volume to where you need it for privacy.

Green Glue

The Green Glue Noiseproofing system is designed to work with damping compound, acoustical sealant, Whisper Clips and joist tape to provide a complete soundproofing solution.Green Glue Soundproofing products provide economical solutions for reducing sound transmission in commercial, residential and industrial applications. When applied in wall, floor and ceiling assemblies, the damping compound, Whisper Clips, sealant and joist tape assist to diminish the amount of sound and noise being passed from room to room.

Apply Green Glue Damping Compound between layers of rigid construction materials to reduce sound and noise transmission. Green Glue compound may be combined with the use of Whisper Clips to provide additional resiliency to the structure. Once structures are in place, be sure to use the Green Glue Noiseproofing sealant to prevent sound leakage through holes, gaps or seams. Installed beneath flooring, the Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape helps to eliminate squeaky floors and lower footfall noise. Typically combine with sound barriers, underlayments and other construction materials, Green Glue products aid in building heavy-duty, sound blocking structures.

These products are easy to use and make a great option for a DIY project or a larger scale construction. Understanding that Green Glue products work as part of a complete system, grants us ability to create and offer more extensive solutions for architects, contractors and the home DIY enthusiast. Be sure to include these as part of your next new construction or retrofit soundproofing project.

Glue Certified Distributor

Green Glue 5 Gallon Applicator Gun

Green Glue Damping Compound (12 Tubes)

Green Glue Damping Compound (5 Gallon)

Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape

Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant (12 Pack)

HVAC and Ceiling Plenum

Reducing noise from HVAC components or ceiling plenum spaces requires a combination of materials. Whether it’s a commercial or residential application, sound from pipes, duct work, compressors and other equipment produce distracting and tiresome noise. We carry a line or acoustical barriers to wrap pipes and ductwork to combat these issues and prevent noise leakage. Ceiling Tile Barriers, light hoods and plenum return silencers hinder sound transmission in suspended ceiling grid applications. Outdoor enclosures reduce noise produced by outdoor equipment. Use these materials to help produce comfortable and quiet interior or exterior spaces.

PrivacyShield® 12x12 Room Kit

PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier

PrivacyShield® Outdoor Enclosure

PrivacyShield® Plenum Return Silencer G2

Signature Sound Barrier Ceiling Tile

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl is used to reduce airborne sound transmission through walls, floors and ceilings. They are typically comprised of  a limp-mass material sound barrier made of high-temperature fused vinyl and no lead fillers.  With a typical weight of 1 lb. per square foot, these barriers are as heavy as lead, but only 1/8" thick. This improves the sound transmission loss (STC) of a construction assembly without loosing valuable space. It may be used in new and retrofit soundproofing construction. The standard offering is a non-reinforced barrier for use in typical construction. Other configurations include lag and wrap materials for pipes and ducting, a transparent version to allow line of site or light, a surface mount option and a reinforced version that may be suspended. These materials are often combined with other materials in soundproofing applications to help provide a complete sound blocking solution.


AudioSeal® Clear Sound Barrier

AudioSeal® Duct and Pipe Lag

AudioSeal® Reinforced Sound Barrier


Speech Privacy Without the Noise!

PrivacyShield® Speech Privacy Without the Noise!

Protecting speech privacy is critical in both commercial and private spaces. If sensitive information is leaked or mis-communicated, it could alter corporate negotiations or violate HIPPA regulations. Additionally, sound and noise from adjacent spaces or machinery is can be distracting, cause fatigue and reduce employee productivity.

To achieve speech privacy, sound masking systems have traditionally been deployed. These systems broadcast white noise to mask communication. It is a viable low-budget solution, but sound masking actually lowers speech intelligibility, making it more difficult to hear someone speaking. Being exposed to the noise of a sound masking system for extended periods can also increase worker fatigue and lower productivity.

PrivacyShield™ System

Think about going on a long trip with all the windows in your vehicle slightly open. This creates wind noise, making it hard to carry on conversations or hear the stereo. As soon as you roll up your windows, it becomes much quieter and it is easier to carry on a conversation. The PrivacyShield® system works in the same manner, by creating a sound seal to prevent sound transmission.

PrivacyShield™ Noise Insulation Class (NIC)

PrivacyShield® products put a sound barrier in place between you and the noise source, eliminating the need for sound masking. You can then carry out your conversations without having to raise your voice over a noisy, sound masking system. It also provides speech privacy.

  • PrivacyShield® soundproofing materials are specifically used in existing suspended ceiling grids.
  • PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barriers are installed on top of existing ceiling tiles and add mass to block sound.
  • PrivacyShield® Light Hoods install over the existing lights to reduce sound transmission, while allowing required airflow. PrivacyShield Plenum Return Silencers reduce the amount of sound that can pass into the ceiling plenum system.

PrivacyShield® products can be combined with sound barriers, acoustic door seals, soundproof doors, and acoustic panel kits to create a completely soundproofed room.

PrivacyShield® 12x12 Room Kit

PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier

PrivacyShield® Outdoor Enclosure

PrivacyShield® Plenum Return Silencer G2

Soundproofing & Barrier Accessories

Blocking sound may require more than a single product to efficiently soundproof a room. In addition to installing a sound barrier material, any seams, gaps and doors may need to be sealed. Acoustical Solutions offers a range of sound barrier accessories to effectively complete a soundproof structure.