Sound Barriers

Sound barriers are materials help to block sound and noise or create soundproof walls, ceilings, or enclosures for noisy equipment. We have various types of sound blocking systems and materials to retrofit existing construction or for soundproofing in new construction.

Creating a soundproof assembly often requires a combination of soundproofing materials. Rolls of mass load vinyl, layers of drywall with Green Glueresilient clips, putty pads, caulk, and door seal kits provide an effective means of constructing sound barriers. For existing ceiling grids applications, our PrivacyShield® barrier tiles and light hoods help prevent speech transmission to adjacent spaces. Sound barrier blankets and screens are perfect solutions for heavy duty industrial sound control, even for high temperature environments. There are even custom enclosures block equipment noise in factories and manufacturing facilities. Call us with your application.


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  • AudioSeal® Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Soundproofing Barrier


  • AudioSeal® Duct and Pipe Lag


  • AudioSeal® Reinforced Sound Barrier


  • PrivacyShield® Soundproofing Composite Foam


  • PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier


  • PrivacyShield® Light Hood


  • PrivacyShield® Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket


  • PrivacyShield® Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket Partition


  • PrivacyShield® Outdoor Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket


  • PrivacyShield® Industrial Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket


  • PrivacyShield® Dual-Sided Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket


  • PrivacyShield® Industrial Dual-Sided Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket

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    PrivacyShield® Soundproofing Door Seal Kit (Complete Set)


  • Isolation Cup Mount


  • Antivibe® DL-10 Metal Damping Compound


  • AudioSeal® Clear Sound Barrier


  • AudioSeal® Duct and Pipe Wrap

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    Automatic Door Bottom



    Door Jamb Bubble Seal


  • Firestop Acoustical Putty Pad