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Acoustical Solutions offers a vast selection of products and solutions to solve your sound control needs. Our Solutions include materials to absorb, diffuse sound, or block sound and control structural vibration. Our products offer the best performance and are available in a range of variations, styles and core materials to meet the requirements of today’s demanding projects.

Our product line categories showcase acoustic panels, ceiling tiles, baffles, clouds, blankets and much more. The materials we select may be comprised of various substrates like acoustical foam, fabric wrapped fiberglass and other materials for varied acoustical performance or specific features.

Our offering also consists of construction materials to aid in blocking sound, industrial and consumer enclosures, STC rated doors, and many soundproofing accessories and supplies to enhance our products and your project.

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  • An Architects Guide to Designing Private, Soundproof Office Spaces

    Introduction In most business settings, it’s critical to have office spaces and conference rooms with sufficient speech privacy to protect confidential information. This is especially true in healthcare, education, government, and for executive leadership and HR professionals in corporate settings. Architects and acousticians have traditionally had few to design these spaces to achieve privacy. The purpose […] Read More »

    01/07/2022 Author: | Our Solutions | Sound Blocking
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    Office Soundproofing for the Covid-19 Era

    Introduction I recently read an article about Office Soundproofing for the Covid-19 Era entitled The Acoustic Challenge of the Post COVID 19 Office. It provides some interesting insights into how offices workers will do their jobs differently post -COVID compared to pre-COVID and the implications regarding acoustic treatments needed. Additionally, it describes some innovative acoustical treatment material […] Read More »

    11/05/2020 Author: | Our Solutions | Sound Blocking
  • Acoustical Solutions

    Competing with Amazon and Winning

    Everyone knows that Amazon is a huge and formidable company. We all purchase products from them, stream their videos and television shows, and use their cloud services to run our businesses.  They are taking over the retail universe and some would say the world. Among millions of products they sell, they offer acoustical products, so how do […] Read More »

  • Live Streaming Acoustics: Houses of Worship

    Live streaming has become a very popular broadcast medium. Even more so now in the age of COVID-19 social distancing and limited gatherings. Houses of Worship are being forced to live stream services in order to stay connected with their congregations. A professionally live streamed service is no easy task. There are many technological challenges […] Read More »

    04/06/2020 Author: | Our Solutions | Sound Absorption
  • Home Office Soundproofing DIY Projects

    Introduction For knowledge workers, working from home has many advantages. You no longer need to worry about your morning commute, you can dress as casually as you want, and you have the flexibility to take care of personal errands as required. What a great idea! However, there are downsides. Workers are co-located in an office space to […] Read More »

    03/31/2020 Author: | Our Solutions | Sound Absorption
  • Matt Boughan

    Do you have an acoustical problem but don’t know where to start?

    I can help. My name is Matt Boughan and I am an Acoustical Sales Application Engineer, which is different than an Acoustical Engineer. Acoustical Engineers are very highly trained individuals with advanced degrees in the Science of Acoustics. These folks are typically going deep. Do you happen to have a Jet Engine Testing facility right next door […] Read More »

    03/09/2020 Author: | Our Solutions
  • Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound - 28 oz. Tubes

    Green Glue Soundproofing

    Introduction Green Glue Soundproofing products provide economical solutions for reducing sound transmission in commercial, residential and industrial applications. It can be used in wall, floor and ceiling assemblies. When applied, the damping compound, sound sealant, isolation clips and joist tape assist to diminish the amount of sound and noise being passed from room to room. […] Read More »

  • ClearSonic IsoPac MegaPac (Drums not included)

    What are ClearSonic Booths and Enclosures?

    Introduction Whether you’re a drummer performing for a church, a vocalist or podcaster recording in your home studio, or just practicing your instrument at home, a soundproof booth and enclosure can help you (and your neighbors!) keep the sound isolated and contained. The sound isolation provided by ClearSonic’s booths and enclosures can offer some of […] Read More »