Sustainability Policy


To encourage and influence a more environmentally conscious community as well as the acoustical and construction industries as a whole. Acoustical Solutions and its staff are committed to environmentally sound practices by focusing on the reduction of waste and water usage, as well as the use of recyclable or recycled materials. Acoustical Solutions has developed a comprehensive sustainability policy to include environmental efforts related to waste, energy, travel, noise pollution and education.

Resource Controls:

To continuously decrease the amount of resources including electricity, water and materials used by Acoustical Solutions.

Community Controls:

To reduce the impact of noise pollution on the local and surrounding communities through noise pollution education and providing environmentally friendly sound solutions.

Employee Controls:

To increase employee satisfaction to retain and attract employees and to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

Distribution Controls:

To protect the environment from adverse impacts associated with the distribution of materials within the acoustics industry.

Event Controls:

To minimize waste and energy associated with Acoustical Solutions’ participation in national and international trade show events.