• Suspended Ceiling Treatments

    Office Acoustics 101: Suspended Ceiling Treatments

    Welcome to another edition of Office Acoustics 101.  Last time we talked about Taming Office Noise in an open office environment. Today we’ll tackle the subject of drop tile ceilings and how they relate to several office related noise problems.  While this article is geared towards office applications, please note that many of these principles […]

  • isostep-IG-impact-thn

    Isostep Acoustic Floor Underlayment for Impact Noise

    Impact noise is a structure borne sound created when two objects collide.  This impact energy creates vibrations that resonate through the materials in the structure.  It also creates airborne sound that travels through the air. This is often realized in the real world as a ‘neighbor noise’ generated from someone walking on the floor above or other […]

  • WhisperWave Clouds and Baffles allow you to utilize both sides of the Acoustical Panel.

    What is a Cloud Acoustical Panel?

    Acoustical Panels can be mounted in various ways to meet your design and needs. Typically wall-mounted, Acoustical Panels can also be mounted directly on the ceiling, or suspended from the ceiling, like a Cloud. The benefit of using the Cloud mounting option is that it makes the Acoustical Panels more efficient at absorbing sound. Typically, […]

  • Agati 2

    Office Acoustics 101: Taming Office Noise

    Open office layouts seem to be all the rage these days.  Many companies (especially those in the tech industry) seem to be drawn into the look of re-purposing old warehouses, factory areas, and other large format commercial building designs into large, expansive office environments.  And why not, after all, they usually look great and bridge the […]

  • What? I can't hear you!

    Noise Reduction in Open Public Spaces

    My wife and I were sitting at the bar at one of our favorite brunch spots last Sunday and during our conversation she turned to me and told me to stop shouting in her ear. This of course led to me speaking more softly in my normal speaking voice and she told me to stop […]

  • 11.3.14_acoustical_solutions_blocking_sound_icon

    Sound Barrier & Sound Blocking Basics

    Blocking sound transmission requires materials that are mass loaded, dense and/or resilient.  These are then used in the construction assembly of a wall, floor or ceiling. Blocking sound can be achieved through the use of the materials outlined in this post.  Most of these methods will pertain to blocking sound for wall applications, however the same principles […]

  • acoustiart4

    Acousti-Art Acoustical Panels In A Seminary

    Introduction: Acoustical Panels can be used in a variety of applications. They can be mounted on the walls and ceiling, and are highly customizable. Read on to see just one successful use of Acoustical Panels and see how great they can look! Introducing: The “Cocktail Effect“. You’ve heard it before. You’re out to dinner. The […]

  • office acoustics

    Acoustical Foam for Office Ceilings

    Acoustical foam can be direct mounted to a ceiling to improve office acoustics. Today’s dynamic office environments pose new challenges in the realm of acoustics. To maintain a collaborative work environment, many new office spaces tend to be planned as open spaces, without boundaries to separate colleagues. This does help improve teamwork, but if the […]

  • Acoustic Testing: Computer Modeling vs. Real World Accuracy

    For anyone that is interested in the accuracy of different testing methods (computer modeling vs. real world accuracy) for determining the STC of a wall assembly, Sound & Vibration Magazine has an article in its December 2014 issue. It covers the testing comparison of the different methods, using four types of wall assemblies. A very interesting note […]

  • IMG_1837[1]

    Whisperwave Clouds at UVA OpenGrounds

    The OpenGrounds facility at the University of Virginia was designed as a collaborative meeting and workspace for faculty and student groups. William Sherman, the architect behind the renovation of the building knew that a space with high ceilings and an open layout like this one, needed to have acoustics taken into consideration. Large gatherings, open […]