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Hayden Saunders

  • AudioSeal® Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier

    Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Soundproofing Products and Material Options

    Non-toxic soundproofing solutions is a request I’ve received for many years. Customers call and while they want the best acoustical solutions possible, they want to make sure that the products are safe for their families or customers. Nowadays, there’s another request: eco-friendly products. While they may seem different, it’s essentially the same request: customers want […] Read More »

  • The Best Acoustic Carpet Underlay Options

    I’ve always been fascinated by the way sounds travel. Whether it’s the soft patter of rain on a rooftop, a big band playing their favorite songs, or the distant rumble of traffic, it’s amazing how sound can shape our experiences. This is especially true in our homes and workplaces, where unwanted noise can be more […] Read More »

  • Hanging Acoustic Panels

    How to Hang Acoustic Panels on Walls and Ceilings

    Before I started selling acoustic products, I was installing them with the team here. We’ve hung a lot of acoustic panels in almost every situation you can think of. We’ve hung them in schools, churches, concert venues, gun ranges, and homes. We traveled down south for a job at a car production facility where they […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb Series 300 Polyester Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Installation

    Conquer Acoustic Ceiling Design with These Creative Installations

    Acoustic ceiling design aims to improve a room’s acoustics by reducing noise and reverberation while also providing a aesthetic value. Acoustic ceiling design materials, like acoustic panels and baffles, will soften and diffuse sounds, to create a pleasant environment free of echoes and unwanted noise. Additionally, ceiling tile backing can also provide sound proofing for […] Read More »

  • Agati Furniture - Open office plan using red AlphaSorb® panels and Sonex® Whisperwave® Clouds in ceiling.

    An Architects Guide to Designing Private, Soundproof Office Spaces

    Introduction In most business settings, it’s critical to have office spaces and conference rooms with sufficient speech privacy to protect confidential information. This is especially true in healthcare, education, government, and for executive leadership and HR professionals in corporate settings. Architects and acousticians have traditionally had few to design these spaces to achieve privacy. The purpose […] Read More »

  • Acoustic Door Seal Kit - 170-1 (not to scale)

    What are Soundproof Doors?

    Introduction Noise transference between spaces can be a tough issue to solve. Even with a beefed-up wall assembly, sound will always take the path of least resistance. Typically, that path is through small openings around doors which can cause up to 50% of the sound to escape. This can be frustrating for anyone seeking privacy […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel Swatch - Impaling Clip

    How To Install Acoustic Panels

    Will you install them for me? Yes, we absolutely can! We can tell you how to install acoustic panels. We hear from a lot of small business owners and homeowners interested in installing acoustical panels to improve the sound in their space and that is one of the first questions they ask. For jobs that […] Read More »

  • ClearSonic IsoPac MegaPac (drums not included)

    What are ClearSonic Booths and Enclosures?

    Introduction Whether you’re a drummer performing for a church, a vocalist or podcaster recording in your home studio, or just practicing your instrument at home, a soundproof booth and enclosure can help you (and your neighbors!) keep the sound isolated and contained. The sound isolation provided by ClearSonic’s booths and enclosures can offer some of […] Read More »