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Hayden Saunders

  • How To Install Acoustic Panels

    Will you install them for me? Yes, we absolutely can! We can tell you how to install acoustic panels. We hear from a lot of small business owners and homeowners interested in installing acoustical panels to improve the sound in their space and that is one of the first questions they ask. For jobs that […] Read More »

  • office acoustics

    Acoustical Foam for Office Ceilings

    Acoustical foam for office ceilings can dramatically improve an office environment. Simply mount acoustical foam directly to a ceiling to improve office acoustics.   Today’s dynamic office environments pose new challenges in the realm of acoustics.  To maintain a collaborative work environment, many new office spaces are open spaces, without boundaries to separate colleagues. This […] Read More »

  • AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel

    How it's Made: AcoustiArt Printed Sound Absorbing Panels

    At the end of last year, Acoustical Solutions added AcoustiArt Printed Sound Absorbing Panels to our online inventory. These are acoustic wall panels with all the noise reduction capability of the highest quality acoustical treatment but are customized with graphics or photos of any variety. While we had been making them per request for a […] Read More »