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We have been solving acoustical problems since 1989. With over 250 years of industry experience, our expert sales team is ready to help you find the best solution to any sound problem. We have built our reputation based on providing excellent service to our customers. To provide additional value to all of our customers, we’re offering an extra 10% savings on our most popular fabric-wrapped acoustic panels and clouds (listed below) no through 12/31/21. Simply add coupon FWP10 in cart or checkout!

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  • AlphaSorb® FR701 Acoustic Panel


  • AlphaSorb® Whisper Acoustic Panel


  • AlphaSorb® Anchorage Acoustic Panel


  • AlphaSorb® Studio 54 Acoustic Panel


  • SoundSuede™ Acoustic Panel


  • AlphaSorb® Series 200 Polyester Acoustic Panels


  • AlphaSorb® Anchorage Ceiling Cloud


  • AlphaSorb® FR701 Acoustic Ceiling Cloud


  • AlphaSorb® Studio 54 Ceiling Cloud


  • AlphaSorb® Whisper Ceiling Cloud


  • SoundSuede™ Acoustic Ceiling Cloud