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ClearSonic IsoPac C



Height: 66"

Due to COVID 19, Clearsonic has temporarily shutdown their manufacturing operations. Please contact our sales department at (800) 782-5742 for more information.

The ClearSonic IsoPac C is a drum enclosure that features a 5-panel system in the front with absorptive panels in the front and rear. Adhesive Velcro strips are used to attach the SORBER baffles to the inside lower portion. Three SORBER baffles complete the enclosure and soak up reflected sounds in the rear.

Since the top is open, it is difficult to determine the exact amount of sound reduction. Reduction will depend on room construction and drum set-up. The IsoPac C will be more effective in a room with low ceilings and acoustic treatment, than it would be in a room that is large and has a lot of hard surfaces. In either case, the IsoPac C will greatly reduce stage volume, allowing everyone to play at a more reasonable volume level.

The IsoPac C is modular and can be easily converted into an IsoPac A or IsoPac B in the future, if needed.

Technical Information for ClearSonic IsoPac C:

  • Nominal Overall Size: 6′ wide x 7′ deep x 5.5′ high
  • Sound Reduction: Since the top is open, it is difficult to determine the exact amount of sound reduction.
  • ClearSonic Part Number: IPC
Included Parts
Part #Old Part#Description
A2448X5A4-5(5) 24″ x 48″ clear shield sections (front) 120″ wide x 48″ high
S2466X2S5-2D(3) 2-section SORBER  Fabric-Hinged 48″ wide x 66″ high (Dark Grey)
S2224S2D(5) 22″ x 24″ SORBER 1.6″ thick with Velcro (Dark Grey)

For more information on our ClearSonic IsoPac C,
call us at 800.782.5742 or contact our sales department.