Speech Privacy Without the Noise

PrivacyShield® Light Hood Installed along with Ceiling Tile Barrier Speech privacy is critical for human resources, executive offices, conference rooms and any healthcare space where personal information is being shared. If someone overhears sensitive information, it could alter corporate negotiations or violate HIPAA regulations. Additionally, sound and noise from adjacent spaces or machinery can be distracting, cause fatigue and reduce employee productivity.

When soundproofing for speech privacy, the traditional approach is to use sound masking systems. These active audio systems broadcast white noise to mask or cover up conversations. Sound Masking is a common solution to reduce speech intelligibility. The problem with sound masking is that it generates noise raising the noise floor of the space thus creating a louder or noisier environment. This makes it more difficult to hear someone speaking. Exposure to the noise of a sound masking system for extended periods tends to increase worker fatigue and lower productivity.

The PrivacyShield® series of products solves this problem by putting a sound barrier in place between you and the noise source, eliminating the need for sound masking. This allows you to carry out your conversations without having to raise your voice over a noisy, sound masking system. Maintain speech privacy by keeping the sound from passing to adjacent rooms by using the following products.

PrivacyShield® Products: