Data Sheet PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier Data Sheet
LEED Statement LEED Statement for PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier
  1. With the additional weight of the overlay system that is added to the overall weight of the drop tile ceiling, do I need to add additional to support the ceiling grid?
  2. Typically, we do not add additional support. The reason being most of the ceiling grid that we encounter is in the commercial environment. So, the typical ceiling grid we encounter meets or exceeds weight requirements.

  3. Can I install in an office area that has sound masking?
  4. Yes

  5. How do you treat above air feed or return diffuser housing?
  6. Cut a hole to match size of mounting collar and tape tile backer down around housing.

  7. What about the “Metal Ceiling Grid T” passing vibration through it?
  8. The PrivacyShield® Tile Backer helps to dissipate this, isolators for ceiling wires can be purchased.

  9. I see the ceiling tile backer has a vinyl component. Does this product contain PVC?
  10. The material we use is an EVA polymer: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. The basic chemical formula is (C2H4)n(C4H6O2)m. No Cl (chlorine). Inorganic fillers are used to gain mass. Typically, Calcium Carbonate (chalk), as well as non-toxic and organic processing aids. Typically, we use re-claimed mineral oils. The compounds this polymer are manufactured in a way that it is fully compliant with REACH standards. All EVA PrivacyShield® products supplied are manufactured from 100% reclaimed materials and is 100% non-toxic as well as 100% proudly manufactured in America by Americans. It is the term Vinyl that concerns most consumers. The name Vinyl as it is often associated with Poly Vinyl Chloride(PVC). Even though the term Vinyl, in chemistry, specifically identifies the orientation of Carbon and Hydrogen on a functional group (−CH=CH2). There is significant misinformation about PVC in the market place.

PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier

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PrivacyShield® Speech Privacy Without the Noise!Speech Privacy Without the Noise!

The PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier is installed over existing ceiling tiles in a suspended ceiling grid to block sound. These mass loaded ceiling tile backers reduce the amount of sound and noise that is able to enter and exit the ceiling plenum. Ceiling tile barrier backers can be installed in both new and existing spaces to reduce the amount of sound transmitted from one space to the next. These are used when wall partitions do not extend up above the ceiling grid to the roof deck and offer an economical alternative to building full partition walls.


Speech Privacy and Noise Reduction in Private Offices, Conference Rooms, HR Departments, Legal Departments and Medical Facilities. Noise due to roof top units, HVAC and other equipment.

PrivacyShield™ Noise Insulation Class (NIC)Features:

  • Greatly improves speech privacy
  • Higher worker productivity
  • Improved worker morale
  • Reduced threat of corporate espionage
  • Compliance with HIPPA
  • Speech Privacy Without the Noise

 Technical Information:

  • Size: 2′ x 2′ (23-3/4″ x 23-3/4″), 2’x4′ (24-3/4″ x 47-3/4″)
  • Composition: 0.12 inch (3.05 mm) woven polyester acoustic decouple facing adhered to a 0.12 inch (3.05 mm) mass loaded vinyl sound barrier with a 0.003 inch (0.08 mm) fire retardant fabric backing
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds per a square foot
  • Fire Rating: Class A per ASTM E84 (UL 723)
    • Complies with ISO/IEC Standards 17025, 17020, and Guide 65 (17065).
  • Sound Transmission Loss (STC) Per ASTM E 90-09/E413-10
    • STC: 27
Sound Transmission Loss (Hz) (per ASTM E 90-09)

Installation Method:

Install PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier by placing the barrier on top of the existing ceiling tile throughout the entire room. Please ensure the ceiling tile backers fit tightly into the grid. PrivacyShield® System

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Customer Reviews

2 reviews for PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier

  1. Verified Customer

    I am in an office surrounded by smaller offices and had zero privacy as sound carries so easily. Installation of this products transformed my sound, now my staff thinks I am out of the office when I am having phone conferences and employee meetings.

  2. Verified Customer

    Product was used in a lab. install was great. We may use it in an additional rooms.