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GT Aubert Construction Offices

The Issue

Folks in their offices were having a little difficulty concentrating because they could hear their colleagues in adjacent offices as they spoke on the phone or to other colleagues behind closed doors. Sound was coming through the walls as well as up through the ceiling tiles into the open plenums and down into their office through the ceiling tiles.

The Solution

Calculating the square footage of absorption needed and placement of AlphaSorb Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Wall Panels on the walls as well as installing Privacy Shield Ceiling Tile Barrier tiles above the existing ceiling tiles to block sound passing through the ceiling tiles.

Materials Used

In the Customer’s Own Words

“I first called Acoustical Solutions in December 2022 and spoke to someone in general about absorption, and then, after doing some research on my own over the next couple months, calling back to Acoustical Solutions in June of 2023 to revisit the conversation, I ended up talking more in depth about the project with James who offered a comprehensive solution at a fraction of the cost for the end user. After a lengthy conversation, I felt far more educated on acoustics and my specific needs and even more comfortable with the recommendations James provided. He was always attentive and responsive to my questions/requests and ultimately, we decided to go with Acoustical Solutions in no small part, thanks to James.

We did experience some hiccups with damaged material by the freight company. We were able to put in some time and effort and salvage the majority of the shipment. For his part, James was able to get us a couple of replacement panels to complete our installation, quicker than expected. He also made a promise to follow through with a freight claim and, although it took a couple months to get a resolution, he ended up sending us a check from that freight claim to help cover the cost of the time and effort we put into salvaging the product. In the end, the customer was happy, and although the experience wasn’t perfect, it was a fitting testimony of the care and effort that James and Acoustical Solutions provided to me and my client. With high regard, I would work with James and Acoustical Solutions again and would strongly recommend them for any project!”

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