Booths & Enclosures

Acoustical Solutions offers a range of sound booths and enclosures that can be used to encapsulate or direct the path of sound and noise. Audiometric booths are prefabricated booths utilized for audiology testing or as a sound isolation booth. Blanket enclosures are custom configured to surround and block sound from equipment. This lowers noise levels to reduce stress and fatigue, typically used in industrial applications. A variety of ClearSonic Drum Shields and Isopac Systems are available to provide solutions to control sound in recording and performance applications.

Audiometric & Industrial

These sound enclosures are used to block and reduce disruptive sound and noise.

  • Blanket enclosures, typically used to enclose machinery for industrial applications, may be configured based on the needs of your project.
  • The audiometric booths deliver a turnkey solution for use as an audiology, vocal or portable testing booth.
  • Moduline® acoustic enclosures are custom engineered to meet local noise ordinances, comply with OSHA regulations, increase worker safety and are manufactured specific job requirements.
  • Noishield® sound barrier walls protect communities from environmental noise generated from roads, railways, manufacturing plants, chillers and rooftop equipment.

Blanket Enclosure

IAC Acoustics Accutone2™ Music Practice Room

IAC Acoustics Moduline® Acoustic Enclosures

IAC Acoustics Noishield® Sound Barrier Walls

IAC AudioMetric Booth

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ClearSonic products help captivate and control sound for musical instruments and vocals, on stage or in the studio. Drum shield panels are used to block the direct path of sound by providing separation between instruments. The ClearSonic IsoPacs, available in an array of configurations, provide isolation for drums, guitars amps, brass and woodwind instruments or can be used as a vocal booth. Amplifiers shields help to tame volume without sacrificing tone. Sorber panels are used in many of these systems to provide absorption or can be used as a free-standing baffle.

ClearSonic AmpPac 10

ClearSonic AmpPac 11

ClearSonic AmpPac 20

ClearSonic AmpPac 21

ClearSonic AmpPac 30

ClearSonic AmpPac 31

ClearSonic AmpPac 32

ClearSonic AmpPac 33