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Acoustical Solutions offers a range of sound booths and enclosures that can be used to encapsulate or direct the path of sound and noise. Audiometric booths are prefabricated booths utilized for audiology testing or as a sound isolation booth. Blanket enclosures are custom configured to surround and block sound from equipment. This lowers noise levels to reduce stress and fatigue, typically used in industrial applications. A variety of ClearSonic Drum Shields and IsoPac Systems are available to provide solutions to control sound in recording and performance applications.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In certain scenarios, you need a fully soundproofed space. Whether you are recording music, sounds for a movie, or performing an audiology exam, having a space free from unwanted sounds is crucial. A sneeze, the sound of the AC running, or wheels of a chair squeaking are just some of the noises you may hear that could ruin a recording or exam. A sound booth is a portion of a space that is sectioned off and covered with soundproofing materials to block out all noise interference. It provides a quiet space for people to perform their task undisturbed.

Sound booths can range in size and configuration, with some big enough to hold multiple performers while others are just big enough to act as a speaker box. We offer booth solutions for every application, and they can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for something for your home studio or your church, we have something that will work for you.

When sound hits the walls or another surface in an ordinary room, it will bounce off that surface, potentially creating echoes and reverberations. This can affect the volume and frequencies of the sound, which isn’t conducive to recording or performing audiology exams.

Sound booths are rooms, or spaces in a larger room, often sectioned off using acoustic panels. In a sound booth, when sound hits the wall, some of it is absorbed instead of bouncing off the surface, which eliminates the echoes and reverberations you would otherwise get. This creates cleaner, more pleasant sounds that aren’t harsh or painful to the ears.

Vocal booths benefit anyone looking to create recordings with minimal external audio interference. Whether recording vocals for a song or podcast or performing on stage, a vocal booth can help ensure the clarity of vocals or small instruments.

A vocal booth can also be useful for performing interpretations, interviews, voiceover content, and audiology testing. For many of these scenarios, like recording music and conduction interpretations, the IsoPac products provide optimal acoustics and can be adjusted to fit your needs. For Audiometry purposes, we have designed the IAC AudioMetric Booth. This booth is engineered to provide optimal sound isolation and it is portable, which makes it easy to use for mobile Audiometry testing.

The size of your booth depends on the amount of space you have and the number of performers you want to fit inside. Our ClearSonic IsoPac E is our largest vocal booth, which can fit three vocalists or work for certain instruments like guitars or woodwinds. For translations, interpretations, voiceover work, or similar applications, the ClearSonic IsoPac H provides a space big enough for two people to sit comfortably.

It is important to ensure there is enough space in the booth, so performers do not feel claustrophobic and they have room to move. If you want instruments to fit, you also have to choose a booth that comfortably accommodates a performer and their instrument.

Many churches have live music during their masses, but the wide open spaces of the church can create echoes that make the music unpleasantly loud. There are a few ways to use a sound booth to combat this issue.

The ClearSonic Drum Shield Panels can provide acoustic separation between instruments without hiding them from view while on stage. They are transparent panels that reduce drum bleed significantly and can store away easily when not in use.

Similarly, our amplifier shields, like the ClearSonic AmpPac 10 can cover amplifiers to help control the overall volume on the stage. The PrivacyShield® Absorptive Soundproofing Blanket Partition can line the back and sides of the stage to also help with sound absorption. You can contact a member of our sales team to create the perfect setup for your church!