ClearSonic AmpPac 21



Height: 24"

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The ClearSonic AmpPac 21 amplifier isolation shield creates an enclosure for a small combo amp or speaker cabinet with an open back and comes with a lid. Use these amp shields to control volume on stage or in the studio. This will provide better separation between instruments for recording and live sound applications.

An six section ClearSonic panel and SORBER baffles completely surround the amp and the S3D provides a cap.

ClearSonic products are pre-assembled, portable, and less expensive than a DIY speaker enclosure.

Here, the SORBER baffles have been attached to the inside of the 6-panel clear shield. Each section of the A1824X6 is 18″W x 24″H. This combination blocks sound and absorbs reflected energy before it can escape into the room. This set-up is identical to the AmpPac 20, with the addition of an S3D as a lid section on top to further reduce sound transmission. Approximate sound reduction of 50%.

Technical Information for ClearSonic AmpPac 21:

  • Nominal Overall Size: 34″ wide x 30″ deep x 24″ high
  • Intended Use: Designed for a 1×12 or 2×12 speaker cabinet
  • Sound Reduction: Approximately 50%
  • ClearSonic Part Number: AP21
Included Parts
Part #Old Part#Description
A1824X6A18-6(6) 18″ x 24″ clear shield sections (front) 108″ wide x 24″ high
S2216S1D(6) 22″ x 16″ SORBER 1.6″ thick with Velcro (Dark Grey)
S2233S3D(1) 22″ x 23″ SORBER 1.6″ thick Lid (Dark Grey)
Sound Absorption (Hz)
(SORBER Panels)
Sound Blocking Performance (Hz)
(1/4″ Acrylic Panels)
-7 dB-13 dB-28 dB

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