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In this section of the blog, we will cover some uses for acoustical materials, show some DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and completed projects to help guide you in their use and application.

Acoustical materials can be installed using a variety of methods dependent upon the type of material required and where it will be mounted. Every sound control application has its own set of parameters based on facility’s use or what local building codes require. Acoustical panels will typically be mounted direct to a wall or direct to a ceiling. However, they can be installed to create office partitions, free standing panels or other constructs based on the needs of the application. Hanging baffles and ceiling clouds are suspended from the ceiling and can be used in large or small spaces.

  • How To Install Acoustic Panels

    Will you install them for me? Yes, we absolutely can! We can tell you how to install acoustic panels. We hear from a lot of small business owners and homeowners interested in installing acoustical panels to improve the sound in their space and that is one of the first questions they ask. For jobs that […] Read More »

  • What is a Cloud Acoustical Panel?

    Acoustical Panels can be mounted in various ways to meet your design and needs. Typically, wall-mounted, Acoustical Panels can also be mounted directly on the ceiling, or suspended from the ceiling, like a Cloud. The benefit of using the Cloud mounting option is that it makes the Acoustical Panels more efficient at absorbing sound. Typically, […] Read More »

  • Privacy Pal Partition Clip 4 Way Divider (HAWPRIVPAL-X)

    Office DIY: Acoustical Partition

    Bryan S. recently contacted Acoustical Solutions for help with a noise issue in his office control room. His shared workspace in Florida didn’t allow for much privacy, and sound traveled so easily that it was difficult for more than one person to be on the phone at a time. Adding to the problem were bare […] Read More »

  • Cleaning Acoustic Panels

    With the arrival of Spring, many people are focusing on the nice weather and rejoicing that they can finally open their windows and clean their offices and homes after being holed up by the cold. While you are doing your spring cleaning, however, you may wonder how in the world you are supposed to clean […] Read More »

  • #FR1005 – Acoustone Speaker Grille Cloth

    Restoring Speakers with Acoustone Speaker Cloth

    Vintage speakers like these American-made 1970s Bose 501 speakers usually still sound great, but don’t always look so good. Speaker cloth can get damaged over time, but replacing the fabric is easy. This speaker is in an unfortunate state, but still plays beautifully. Can anything be done? Yes! Recovering vintage speakers is easy, and we […] Read More »

  • DIY: How to Make Your Own Speaker Cover

    Speakers in cabinets or cavities usually come with a speaker, or grill, cover. If they don’t, or if you want to replace your current covers, making your own is pretty easy. Start with a 1″ thick piece of plywood that is cut to the size of your cabinet opening. Draw a pattern along the inside […] Read More »

  • Cedia Honored Home Theater

    Soundproofing a Home Theater

    Home theaters can be wonderful places to relax, retreat and entertain. If acoustics are overlooked, however, any home theatre can become a nuisance to the rest of the house and an echoic mess.In creating a home theatre, two issues need to be addressed, soundproofing and sound absorption. ... Read More »