Sound Diffusers

Diffusion is one of the methods used in room acoustics to control sound. Sound absorbers absorb sound by reducing reflective energy by friction. Sound diffusers are designed to scatter or disperse sound, by using irregular hard surfaces to break up and scatter the sound waves.

Diffusers (or Diffusors) are used in recording studios, control rooms, music production and live music rooms. Sound diffusers give the room a "live" ambient sound, while at the same time reducing standing waves and slap echo.

Fabric Wrapped

The molded diffusers can be fabric wrapped to match the absorber wall panels using the Guilford and SoundSuede fabrics.

AlphaDiffuser™ Fabric Wrapped Sound Diffuser

AlphaSorb™ Sound Diffuser

SoundSuede™ Sound Diffuser

Molded Plastic and E-Glass

Our Molded Plastic and E-Glass Sound Diffusers use durable plastics and fiberglass to diffuse and scatter sound in environments where it is the goal to keep a live sounding room without standing waves and flutter echo. These diffusers are used in music rooms, recording studios and choir rooms.

AlphaDiffuser™ Sound Diffuser

Barrel™ Sound Diffuser

Pyramid™ Sound Diffuser