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Sound Blocking

This is what people usually mean when they use the term ‘soundproofing’. If you are trying to stop the transmission of sound from one area to another, you need sound blocking materials.

  • Room Soundproofing

    The Ultimate Guide to Soundproofing a Room

    Are you trying to reduce the sound in your home or business? Well, I’ve been doing just that for over twenty years, so if you’re looking for ways to reduce noise and create a peaceful environment, you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, when folks call me for help with their sound issue they’re often […] Read More »

  • Hotel room with bed and curtained window.

    Hotel Soundproofing 101: What You Need to Know

    I love staying in a hotel. The room is clean and the bed is made every day. It’s like heaven to me. There is one thing that can ruin this utopian experience for me, though – noise. Now, I can deal with traffic sounds, because I’m used to living in a city – but I […] Read More »

  • Soundproofing on Ceiling of Large Room

    The Ultimate Guide to Soundproofing a Ceiling

    When customers reach out to me because they have a space at work or at home that needs to be soundproofed and their budget is limited, I always suggest starting with the ceiling. Folks are often surprised, but the truth is, a ton of sound passes through ceilings. That can include airborne sounds like music […] Read More »

  • The sun rising over the New York City skyline.

    A Guide to Commercial Soundproofing in New York City

    If you live in New York City, you truly understand the meaning of “noisy.” As one of the most densely populated and happening cities in the world, noise is just part of the game. That said, many of New York City’s main attractions, such as its illustrious collection of fine dining restaurants and towering high […] Read More »

  • What Are Soundproof Window Inserts and Are They Effective?

    What Are Soundproof Window Inserts and Are They Effective?

    Living near busy roads or noisy neighbors can have a negative impact on your life. Whether you’re having issues sleeping or battling unwanted noise while working from home, dealing with outdoor sounds inside your home or business can dramatically impact the quality of your life. When customers call me, they are desperate to find a […] Read More »

  • Agati Furniture - Open office plan using red AlphaSorb® panels and Sonex® Whisperwave® Clouds in ceiling.

    An Architects Guide to Designing Private, Soundproof Office Spaces

    Introduction In most business settings, it’s critical to have office spaces and conference rooms with sufficient speech privacy to protect confidential information. This is especially true in healthcare, education, government, and for executive leadership and HR professionals in corporate settings. Architects and acousticians have traditionally had few to design these spaces to achieve privacy. The purpose […] Read More »

  • Vibration Isolation Pad 24" x 24" (Neoprene)

    What is Vibration Isolation?

    Introduction Vibration Isolation decouples a vibrating machine from the structure it is mounted to or sitting on. Think of an air compressor on concrete—if we put rubber mounts under it, we would isolate the machine from the floor. This reduces the noise emitted by the physical action of the machine vibrating against the floor. Vibration […] Read More »

  • ClearSonic IsoPac A (Drums not included)

    What are Drum Shields?

    Introduction Whether you’re a drummer performing for a church, a vocalist or podcaster recording in your home studio, or just practicing your instrument at home, a soundproof booth and enclosure can help you (and your neighbors!) keep the sound isolated and contained. The sound isolation provided by ClearSonic booths and enclosures can offer some of […] Read More »