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Hunter Scarpa

  • Understand the Science of Sound to Create Better Sounding Spaces

    My friends and colleagues would say I’m a pretty techy, analytical guy. I wouldn’t argue that. Growing up, science was always my favorite subject (especially physics!) I’ve been described as a bit of a sponge. I just love learning what makes things work. Thankfully, I’m in good company. We’ve got a team of folks at […] Read More »

  • Whisperwave® Ribbon Acoustic Foam Panels installed at Southside Virginia Community College.

    Pairing Aesthetics With Quality Sound Control: Everything You Should Know About Wave Acoustic Panels

    I work with architects and designers every day. I love seeing how they put our products to work because in addition to having a functional purpose the materials they select also play a big role in advancing their design objective. They do that by making intentional decisions about color, shape, and texture, and by considering […] Read More »

  • Cumberland Children’s Hospital - Bright white PolyPhon™ Panels mounted to Children's Hospital ceiling for sound control.

    Understanding PET Felt and the Best PET Felt Acoustic Panels Solutions

    If you’re looking for a stylish and cost-effective acoustic solution for your commercial or residential property, PET felt acoustic panels could be ideal. As a lightweight and moldable option that comes in a range of beautiful colors and shapes, I love suggesting PET felt for on-the-fly alterations or for someone who wants a really modern […] Read More »

  • 12 Decorative Acoustic Panels Design Ideas in 2023

    When most people think about acoustic wall panels, they think about their functional purpose. After all, the primary purpose of acoustic wall panels is to absorb noise and reduce reverberation and echo in a room or space. However, acoustic panels can serve a decorative purpose, too. Decorative acoustic panels minimize sound reflections and create comfortable […] Read More »

  • Vibration Isolation Pad 24" x 24" (Neoprene)

    What is Vibration Isolation?

    Introduction Vibration Isolation decouples a vibrating machine from the structure it is mounted to or sitting on. Think of an air compressor on concrete—if we put rubber mounts under it, we would isolate the machine from the floor. This reduces the noise emitted by the physical action of the machine vibrating against the floor. Vibration […] Read More »

  • sound barrier wall

    What are Soundproof Walls?

    Introduction Who wants to be writing and listening to your coworker in the next room talking to someone? Distractions are everywhere and sound definitely ranks high for most people, whether they are working or trying to enjoy a book or another conversation. Soundproof walls are important in many types of areas such as Commercial Spaces, […] Read More »

  • church sanctuary

    Soundproofing a Church Sanctuary

    How Do I Soundproof A Church? Soundproofing a church and providing acoustical treatment for places of worship can be a challenging process. You must balance the acoustics of the spoken word, the choir, and live musical content to enrich the worship experience. Today’s places of worship have higher attendance volume and a larger variety of […] Read More »

  • Open office plan, call center using Sonex Contour Ceiling Tiles by Pinta Acoustic, Inc. in standard grid.

    Suspended Ceiling Treatments

    Suspended ceiling treatments are essential to office acoustics. We will cover how they relate to several office related noise problems and how suspended ceiling treatments can help. While this article is geared towards office applications, please note that many of these principles can also be applied to school classrooms, commercial spaces, and residential applications. Drop […] Read More »