Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are used to reduce noise and control sound in many different spaces. These sound absorbing panels come in a large variety of sizes, types and colors to meet your design, budgetary, and durability requirements. All of our acoustical wall panels can be fabric-wrapped, made from a Class A fire-rated acoustic foam, or covered in perforated metal. Polyester, polypropylene, cotton and fiberglass wall and ceiling mountable panels are also available. We have panels suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Call one of our technical sales representatives to help you decide which type meets your needs.

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    AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel Room Kit


  • AlphaSorb® Anchorage Acoustic Panel


  • AlphaSorb® FR701 Acoustic Panel



    AlphaSorb® Pro Acoustic Panel Room Kit



    AlphaSorb® QS Acoustic Panel



    AlphaSorb® QS Bass Trap


  • AlphaSorb® Studio 54 Acoustic Panel


  • AlphaSorb® Whisper Acoustic Panel

    $59.00$419.00 $56.05$399.85

  • SoundSuede™ Acoustic Panel


  • AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel

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  • AcoustiDesign Acoustic Panel

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  • AlphaEnviro® PVC Acoustic Panel

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  • AlphaEnviro® Ripstop Acoustic Panel

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  • AlphaMax® Anechoic Wedge Foam


  • AlphaPerf® Metal Acoustic Panel

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  • AlphaPyramid® Foam