Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are used to reduce noise and control sound in many different spaces. They come in a large variety of sizes, types and colors to meet your design, budgetary, and durability requirements. All of our sound absorbing wall panels can be fabric-wrapped, made from a Class A fire rated acoustic foam, or covered in perforated metal. Polyester, polypropylene, cotton and fiberglass wall and ceiling mountable panels are also available. We have panels suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Call one of our technical sales representatives to help you decide which type meets your needs.

Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Panels

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels are a great solution for sound absorption and noise control for many different types of rooms. The panels are Class A fire rated, and there are different types depending on your requirements. Panels that absorb sound, barrier and absorber panels with a mass vinyl sound barrier septum, high impact panels and tackable panels. They can even have custom artwork on the face. They are used on many different types of rooms; restaurants, studios, sound recording, broadcast, auditoriums, conference rooms, churches and many more.

Delivery is typically 1 to 4 weeks to ship.

AcoustiDesign Acoustic Panel

AlphaSorb® Barrier Acoustic Panels

AlphaSorb® High Impact Acoustic Panel

AlphaSorb® Tackable Acoustic Panels

SoundSuede Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Panel Room Kits

AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel Kits are an easy solution for a variety of applications including Offices, Conference Rooms, Home Entertainment, Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing, Broadcast and Recording Studios, or anywhere that needs a quick and effortless acoustical solution. These panel kits install quickly to help absorb sound, reduce echo and improve speech intelligibility. All our kit materials are manufactured in the USA.

  • The AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel Kit allows you to choose from 1'x4', 2'x4' or 2'x2' panel sizes with ten color choices to configure the acoustical treatment that best fits the available wall space.
  • The AlphaSorb® Acoustic Room Kit provides treatment for small (10'x10'), medium (10'x15') or large (20'x20') rooms .
  • The AlphaSorb® Pro Room Kit offers additional absorption by utilizing 2" thick acoustical substrate for greater sound control, along with corner bass traps.

AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel Room Kit

AlphaSorb® Pro Acoustic Panel Room Kit

Art Acoustic Panels

Art Acoustic Panels combine the aesthetic properties of artwork and images in a fabric wrapped acoustical panel up to 4'x 10'. They can be used in restaurants, board rooms, auditoriums, churches and schools and many other applications. Create the design of your choice, using your company logo, custom photography or artwork in the public domain. Call us for artwork requirements.

AcoustiDesign Acoustic Panel

Cotton Acoustic Panels

Our cotton acoustic wall panels are high performance, recycled cotton products that are used to reduce ambient noise levels and excessive reverberation in rooms. They can be glued directly to a wall or ceiling, and come in various colors and thicknesses. They are a LEED material due to the recycled content in the panel, and they are Class A fire rated.

Foam Acoustic Panels

Foam Acoustic Panels are an excellent option for adding sound absorption to any application. They are available in an array of different colors, surface patterns, and thicknesses. Acoustical foam is a lightweight, fiber free alternative to other types of acoustical panels. Foam panels easily mount to existing walls or ceilings using adhesive.

Manufactured from fire rated acoustical foam, these acoustic panels may be used in public and private facilities.

Indoor - Outdoor Acoustic Panels

Our indoor - outdoor acoustic panels are manufactured with exterior grade materials for optimum noise reduction and durability. We have panels for the reduction of noise from construction sites, mechanical equipment such as pumps and blowers, and to form barriers from air conditioning noise.

Whether you are reducing noise or creating better sound in an outdoor ampitheater, our technical sales staff can help guide you to the right material.

ABBC-13EXT AudioSeal® Exterior Sound Blanket

AQFA-10EXT Exterior Absorber Sound Blanket

Cypress Acoustic Panel

Sonex® PhonStop Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Metal Acoustic Panels

Perforated metal acoustic panels backed with encapsulated acoustic fill are used primarily on walls as sound absorbers in noisy environments such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, pump rooms, and industrial work areas. They are custom sized, colored panels mounted to walls and ceilings using z clip fasteners.

AlphaPerf® Metal Acoustic Panel

Polyester Acoustic Panels

Polyester Acoustic Panels use recycled content in the production process to create a LEED friendly sound panels. The bright white 4'x 8' panel is good for absorbing reverberant sound in studios, theaters, gyms, restaurants, classrooms and many other applications where environmental friendly sound absorption products are needed.

PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustic Panels

PVC or Ripstop Wrapped Acoustic Panels

PVC or Ripstop Wrapped Acoustic Panels are filled with sound-absorbing material and have washable surfaces. They are a wonderful solution for easy to clean noise control.

  • The PVC acoustic wall panels are used in gyms, swimming pools, dog kennels, factories and many other facilities where moisture or cleaning is a necessity.
  • The Ripstop Nylon version is used in gyms, multipurpose rooms and spaces where a durable fabric needs to be combined with a efficient acoustical material.

AlphaEnviro® PVC Acoustic Panel

AlphaEnviro® Ripstop Acoustic Panel

Sonex® Clean Acoustic Panel

Raw Acoustic Boards

Raw acoustic boards are a widely used to create fabric wrapped acoustical panels. Our 6-7 pound per cubic foot acoustical fiberglass semi-ridgid insulation product is the standard in the industry. It has a white scrim facing on one side to help to keep true the fabric color you selected after it is installed on the panel. The 1" version has a NRC. 85 and the 2" version has a NRC 1.15. It is a Class A fire rated product.

Wooden Acoustic Panels

WoodTrends genuine wood veneered acoustical panels provide quality and dependability, as well as innovation and creativity, in a wall and ceiling panel system. The look and effect of the materials are an excellent architectural feature in any room to create a modern, pleasing look, along with an acoustically treated room.

WoodTrends are class A fire-rated and there is a large variety of wood veneer types and finishes to meet your aesthetic goals. The panel systems are easily installed by the attachment of nail clips onto furring strips or using a T-grid system for the ceiling tiles. They are cut to your specifications to fit your job requirements.

WoodTrends® Basic Ceiling Tile

WoodTrends® Standard Acoustic System

WoodTrends® Topline Acoustic System