Sonex® Classic Acoustic Foam

Sonex® Classic acoustical foam is an extremely popular foam because of its design, acoustical effectiveness and its economical price point.

Sonex® Classic features a modified anechoic wedge design for cost-effectiveness yet impressive sound control.

Standard color is white or light grey.

Sonex® Classic Colortec is the only acoustical foam offered by Sonex® that is class 1 fire rated yet charcoal or light gray color throughout.

Instead of simply dying the surface of white foam, like with some of its other products, the Classic Colortec is actually dyed throughout the foam.

This allows for a much improved visual appearance to the foam, since you do not have have any white exposed where you may have had to trim or cut a panel down to size to fit your particular application.

Sonex® Classic acoustic foam panels are Class 1 Fire Rated for commercial use.

Sonex® Classic Acoustic Foam
Model # Color Sheet Size Sheets per Box Coverage Price 1-9 Boxes Price 10-19 Boxes Price 20+ Boxes
SOC-2W White 2’x4’x2″ 8 64 sq. ft. $312.00 $301.00* $277.00*
SOC-2LG Light Grey 2’x4’x2″ 8 64 sq. ft. $253.00 $238.00* $225.00*
COC-2 Colortec Charcoal 2’x4’x2″ 8 64 sq. ft. $305.00 $284.00* $275.00*
*Quantity discounts and painted colors are available on phone orders only.

For more information on our Sonex® Classic Acoustic Foam, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.


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