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Honduras Radio Station


Acoustical Solutions recently worked with an association of churches to acoustically treat a broadcast radio studio in Honduras. Soundproofing and noise control are hugely important in any studio, so the association used a complete recording studio package, acoustic foam and door seal kits to ensure they had top-quality sound.

Application Introduction:

In Gracias Lempira, Honduras, a large Christian communications effort is underway. It is designed to reach the indigenous people of southwestern Honduras and eastern El Salvador.

“We’re sharing the gospel with an unreached group [the Lenca],” said Larry Johnson, executive director at the Texas based Ellis Baptist Association, the organization in charge of the effort, “the Lenca are very poor, they have no electricity and their entertainment is the radio.”

So naturally, the association is reaching out via radio.

Fortunately, increasing production value in edit bays, recording studios and, in this case, broadcast studios is one of Acoustical Solutions’ specialties.

The technical sales team at Acoustical Solutions also thrives when working on jobs in which the customer is passionate about the outcome.

“We’re using the radio to spread the gospel,” explained Larry.

Acoustical Solutions, with its extensive experience in studio design, was able to help get Ellis Baptist Association’s plan rolling by providing expert advice and top-quality sound control products for their on-air control room, on-air interview/recording room and production/mixing room.

Treatment Provided:

On-air Control Room

A small set of fabric wrapped acoustic panels was the perfect solution for this space. AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel Room Kit are a single solution for many typical acoustical problems such as primary reflections, flutter echo, standing waves and excessive bass.

“I like this because it includes everything you need for a studio,” said the Acoustical Solutions Technical Sales Representative. “And the beauty of one going to Honduras is that they come fully ready to install with all the hardware. They came in one box too, so shipping costs were minimal.”

On-air Interview/Recording Room

Sonex® Classic Acoustic Foam was hung in this room. This extremely popular product features a modified anechoic wedge design for cost-effective yet impressive sound control.

Production/Mixing Room

This room used both the AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel Room Kit and the Sonex® Classic Acoustic Foam 

All Three Rooms

Sonex® Audio Tiles were used on the ceiling in all three of the broadcast facility’s rooms. Their unique 12″ x 12″ size allows for the highest level of design and acoustical performance as you can treat your studio in the exact points of reflection.

Additionally, The Ellis Baptist Association installed Acoustic Door Seal Kits in each room. Door seal kits are very important because a 1% opening around a door will allow up to 50% of the sound to pass through that opening.


The Ellis Baptist Association is now able to broadcast from Honduras to Guatemala and El Salvador in an expertly treated broadcasting studio.

After the project’s completion, Larry praised Acoustical Solutions’ advanced technical advice. He said he was happy to have worked with the company “to create a great sound for our listeners.”