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Commercial Studios

Production for sound and film is done in all types of different facilities. Some are commercial, some work from home studios or edit while on the road using mobile rigs. The one thing all these situations have in common is acoustics. If mixing or recording music, voice overs, or foley, what goes into the microphone matters just as much as what comes out of the audio monitors. Proper room acoustics are a must in this industry.

Adding acoustical treatment tunes the room, allowing you to experience or capture the sound as you want it to be. If the room acoustics are incorrect or unbalanced, your mix will be unbalanced. Removing the sound of the room from the equation allows you to hear exactly what is coming through the speakers, without room distortion. Acoustical panels, bass traps, and sound diffusers all play a part.

There are a wide array of materials available for budget-based recording or professional high end studios and production spaces. Acoustical foams are widely recognized as a studio in a box, however, we can provide you with options for graphic panels and stretch wall systems allowing you to custom tailor the acoustical treatment and sound to the needs of your specific application.