Loud, noisy bars and restaurants lose return customers. Good music in bars and nightclubs, a quiet environments in the dining area, along with good food and drink brings customers back again and again.

Good acoustics in these spaces is easy to achieve using sound absorption panels and baffles. The panels come in a variety of sizes, colors and can have custom printed artwork to meet design goals.A restaurant that wants an environment where their customers can have a quiet conversation along with their dining experience, needs a good acoustic environment free of background noise.

The acoustic design person can help you choose how much treatment and what type treatment will best work for your design and budget requirement.

Cooks & Soldiers Tapas Restaurant
The Daily Kitchen and Bar
Blue Mountain Brewery
Cane Rosso Pizzeria
Louie's Hanover Square Restaurant
Pearl Raw Bar
Maplewood Park Place
PT Golf Club Break Room
The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing
Occidental Restaurant
Pasture Restaurant
Mint Restaurant
Giovanni's Restaurant
Clay's Cafe
Casa Del Barco
Burrowing Owl Estate Winery