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Louie's Hanover Square Restaurant

The Issue

Louie’s Hanover Square Restaurant was looking to fix the noise issues that were plaguing their restaurant after recent renovations. A packed house meant that the dining area would become unpleasantly noisy. This was making it difficult for customers to enjoy themselves while dining. We decided to use our PolySorpt® Acoustic Panels. These would give them the desired look and feel while absorbing the unwanted racket generated in the dining room.

The Challenge

Louie’s Hanover Square Restaurant serves very popular Italian cuisine in Horseheads, NY. They had just renovated the facility. Unfortunately, they quickly discovered that the changes brought some unwanted reverberation issues. Sound bouncing around the room was creating an environment that was much less enjoyable than before. Known for it’s small, unique bistro style environment, the owner wanted to find a solution that would not change his vision. Not having much wall space and needing to stick to a tight budget, we determined that PolySorpt® Acoustic Panels would do the trick.

The Solution

The PolySorpt® Acoustic Panels were hung like clouds in the ceiling using 10″ deck screws. This exposes both sides of the panel which increases the amount sound each panel can absorb. Customers are already writing new reviews praising, not only the great food, but the improved atmosphere. It is safe to say we have achieved the goal of creating a wonderful environment for a dining experience. 


  • (3) Boxes of flat PolySorpt® Acoustic Panels 2′ x 4′ x 2″ thick (Charcoal)
Louie's Hanover Square Restaurant mounted two-inch-thick PolySorpt Acoustic Panels to improve the sound in the dining area for their patrons.

Louie’s Hanover Square Restaurant mounted two-inch-thick PolySorpt® Acoustic Panels to improve the sound in the dining area for their patrons.

The Result

Delighted with the results, the owner and his crew enjoy sharing in this newfound comfort level with customers.

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