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Pearl Raw Bar

The Issue

Acoustical Solutions helps to resolve an oppressive level of noise at the Pearl Raw Bar restaurant, located in Richmond, Virginia. The servers and patrons were experiencing a heavy sound level. It was difficult to communicate. Due to all the hard surfaces, the cacophony of sound was almost unbearable. They desperately needed a solution to resolve this problem.

The Challenge

The Pearl Raw Bar provides service in the fan district in Richmond. This area has a dense, diverse population. They are among numerous other restaurants. They offer a variety of seafood specialties including local oysters, shrimp, and crab legs. The room décor offers a classic oyster bar feel. Skylights adorn their larger dining room. The walls are lined with exposed brick. Two garage doors provide natural light and open to the exterior. To address the acoustics while maintaining the design, the solution would need to install directly to the ceiling.

The Solution

Acoustical Solutions installation team mounted a series of two-inch-thick fabric wrapped clouds. These cloud panels were installed directly to the ceiling. This puts them above the fire sprinklers and between the skylights. The panels absorb noise and lessen reverberation. As a result, the overall noise level is lowered and speech intelligibility is improved. Panels are available in any size up to 4’x10′, and you can choose from a wide range of fabric colors. The Guilford of Maine FR701 Fabric in Coin blends well into the room’s color scheme. Construction adhesive, along with decorative screws and washers, hold the cloud panels in place.


AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Ceiling Clouds with square edges in Guilford of Maine FR701 Fabric in Coin

  • (2) 2’x4′
  • (2) 4’x4′
  • (1) 4’x8′
  • (2) 4’x40″
  • (2) 3’x40″
Pearl Raw Bar installed AlphaSorb Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Ceiling Clouds directly to the ceiling to improve the room acoustics.

Pearl Raw Bar installed AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Ceiling Clouds directly to the ceiling to improve the room acoustics.

The Result

The sound absorbing cloud panels allow customers to enjoy their dining experience. The atmosphere is calm and comfortable. Conversations are now easy to understand. Since the material is not on the walls, customers don’t even notice the room has acoustical treatment. The Pearl Raw Bar now has a dining space that will continually contribute to its success.

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