HVAC Noise Control

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditions) noise control materials can help reduce the transmission of sound and noise through these systems. AudioSeal lag and wrap are used to wrap pipes and duct work to block the transmission of sound into and out of the system. Duct silencers, flat acoustic foam and plenum return silencers are used to help decrease the amount of sound or noise that may travel through the open channels in an HVAC system. Acoustical surrounds may also be installed around exterior equipment.

AudioSeal® Duct and Pipe Lag

IAC Acoustics Quiet Duct® Silencers

PrivacyShield® 12x12 Room Kit

PrivacyShield® Ceiling Tile Barrier

PrivacyShield® Outdoor Enclosure

PrivacyShield® Plenum Return Silencer G2

Sonex® Willtec® Flat Foam