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Sound Diffusion

Diffusion occurs when acoustic energy is scattered in many directions by a complex surface. Diffusion is an excellent complement to sound absorption in performance spaces and sound studios because it won’t remove sound energy from the room, but will reduce standing waves and echo caused by direct reflections.

  • Michigan Home Studio utilizing sound diffusers in a home studio.

    What Acoustical Treatment Should My Home Studio Have?

    If you have your own home studio, or are thinking about setting one up, you probably know that the acoustics in your recording and mixing spaces have a lot to do with the outcome of your tracks. Many home studios are only one room, so the acoustical components of the room must be flexible, compromising […]

  • How to Create Great Auditorium Acoustics

    Acoustically treating an auditorium can be a tricky thing to do.  The large open rooms are often far too reverberant though, so – in most cases – incorporating acoustical treatment into auditorium design is a must. Achieving great auditorium acoustics is difficult because it requires there be a happy medium between sounding “alive” and sounding […]