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Sound Diffusion

Diffusion occurs when acoustic energy is scattered in many directions by a complex surface. Diffusion is an excellent complement to sound absorption in performance spaces and sound studios because it won’t remove sound energy from the room, but will reduce standing waves and echo caused by direct reflections.

  • Michigan Home Studio utilizing sound diffusers in a home studio.

    What Acoustical Treatment Should My Home Studio Have?

    If you have your own home studio, or are thinking about setting one up, you probably know that the acoustics in your recording and mixing spaces have a lot to do with the outcome of your tracks. Many home studios are only one room, so the acoustical components of the room must be flexible, compromising […] Read More »

  • Woodberry Forest School used Barrel Sound Diffusers and Black Theater Board in ceiling.

    How to Create Great Auditorium Acoustics

    Acoustically treating an auditorium can be a tricky thing to do. The large open rooms are often far too reverberant though, so – in most cases – incorporating acoustical treatment into auditorium design is a must. Perfecting auditorium acoustics is something we have figured out. Achieving great auditorium acoustics is difficult because it requires there […] Read More »

  • MathScience Innovation Center Room for distance learning using AcoustiArt fabric wrapped acoustic panels for a backdrop.

    School Acoustics

    In schools, adequate acoustics are essential.Classrooms are the most important place in a school to have proper sound quality and speech intelligibility, but there are a number of other places in which schools needacoustical treatment.From cafeterias and gymnasiums to band rooms and auditoriums, we’ve treated every space in a school. We even stamp out classroom noise by treating school parking lots and courtyards where large chillers or generators are often far too loud. Read More »

  • Sound Barriers: Absorptive vs. Reflective

    We’ve all seen soundbarriers or sound walls along highways, neighborhoods, construction sites and many other noisy areas. They’re normally concrete, wood, plastic or even vinyl blankets. Read about our various outdoor soundproofing products here.Most are quite effective at reducing highway noise, construction noise and many other forms of noise pollution, but depending on their properties, they could be causing more problems than they’re fixing.This article will discuss the properties that should be considered when shopping for one of these sound barriers, specifically reflective vs. absorptive properties. Read More »

  • EcoSorpt® Hanging Sound Baffles

    What are Acoustic Baffles?

    Because we've recently introduced a new collection of acoustic baffles, we thought we would tell you a bit about what exactly an acoustic baffle is and how it works in acoustic treatment.First though, have a look at the baffles in our new collection.Acoustic Lanterns are innovative ceiling baffles designed for hotel lobbies, restaurants and other architecturally demanding environments where acoustic control must integrate with its surroundings. Read More »