Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam, commonly referred to as sound absorbing foam or soundproof foam, is available in a variety of colors, patterns, thicknesses and NRC (noise reduction coefficient) ratings. Manufactured from a Class A melamine foam core, they can be in the form of wall or ceiling panels, corner bass traps, ceiling tiles, ceiling clouds and hanging baffles. These products are used in factories, recording and broadcast studios, auditoriums, churches, classrooms and many other facilities to correct a sound or noise problem.

The Alpha line of acoustical foam is our premier brand of acoustic foam available in three colors and linear, pyramid, wedge or flat patterns. AlphaComposite™ Foam includes a barrier septum for applications requiring sound absorption and sound blocking capability.

The Sonex® line of acoustic foams are an industry recognized standard for reducing noise. Sonex® provides a large selection of materials for ceiling and wall applications in natural foam colors and can be customized with an HPC coating for durability and cleanability.

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  • AlphaPyramid® Foam


  • AlphaSorb® Composite Foam


  • AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Corner Bass Trap


  • AlphaSorb® Flat Foam


  • AlphaSorb® Foam Bass Trap


  • AlphaSorb® Linear Foam


  • AlphaSorb® Max Wedge Foam


  • AlphaWedge® Foam


  • Anchorage Fabric Wrapped Bass Trap


  • Sonex® Audio Tiles


  • Sonex® Classic Foam


  • Sonex® Clean Acoustic Ceiling Tile


  • Sonex® Clean Acoustic Panel


  • Sonex® Clean Acoustic Sound Baffle


  • Sonex® Contour Ceiling Tile


  • Sonex® Contour Panel


  • Sonex® Geometric Ceiling Cloud

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  • Sonex® Harmoni Acoustic Ceiling Tile


  • Sonex® Junior Foam


  • Sonex® Mini Acoustic Foam