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SONEX® Valueline Hanging Baffle

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Size: 4' x 2'
Thickness: 2"
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Product Description

A Sonex® Valueline Hanging Baffle helps improve communication and reduce echo/reverberation in large open areas such as production plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, and swimming pools. The acoustical foam used to manufacture the baffles absorb sound energy from multiple sources, reducing noise and reverberation throughout the environment. Sonex® Valueline Hanging Baffles are Class 1 fire-rated for flame spread and smoke density. Resistant to fungus and microbial growth, they can withstand the humid conditions of indoor swimming pools.

Sonex® Valueline Hanging Baffles are also field-fitted with stainless steel corkscrew hangers, making them easy to install over individual workstations or above an entire floor. Complete wall-to-wall cable installation by sliding the baffles into place from one side of the room, allowing activities to continue uninterrupted. Ceiling cable installation allows you to arrange baffles in box-like or crisscross patterns.

Foam baffles are lightweight and easy to install. Suspend these ceiling baffles using 1.5″ corkscrew hangers & cable (Sold Separately). The corkscrew hangers pierce and screw into the back of the foam baffle to provide an attachment point for wire or cable. Appropriate hardware to mount cables or wire to your ceiling may be purchased locally or provided by your installer. Our Whisperwave® products are available in natural grey, natural white, or HPC Coated to add color and additional protection (see HPC color chart.)


Technical Information for Sonex® Valueline Hanging Baffle

Sound Absorption (Hz)
Sabins per Baffle per ASTM C423-90a
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 AVE
1.0 5.4 10.8 16.3 18.7 24.0 12.7

Installation Method

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