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Since 1989, Acoustical Solutions has led the industry in product selection, quality, and experience. Acoustical Solutions was founded by Michael Binns, a native of Richmond, Virginia. Michael began his career as a young man at local recording studios, learning from the leaders in the budding field of architectural acoustics, while completing his degree at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Early in his career, Michael made a name for himself as an expert in the field of sound and noise control and built relationships with other leaders in acoustical innovation. Michael’s know-how, integrity, and drive to provide complete solutions to people seeking sound control and noise management, led him to start his own business which has continued to grow rapidly over 25 years.

Our team of founding employees knew that no single product would provide the total solution, so they worked diligently to develop product lines that would allow a holistic approach to creating truly customized sound control solutions. For projects ranging from sound studios to classrooms, worship facilities to manufacturing plants, Acoustical Solutions was founded on the solid principle of providing solutions that simply work. The success of Acoustical Solutions is largely attributed to not only our breadth of knowledge, but our continued commitment to our clients, who continue to purchase from us year after year.

Today, our belief in providing complete solutions is still strong. Our team of acoustical specialists work with a variety of client types from around the globe – there isn’t a type of facility or noise issue that we haven’t worked to solve.

Our Culture

Acoustical Solutions is more than an office, it’s more than the solutions we provide, its more than a brand; it’s a group of people who love what they do. The team-oriented culture has led to many long-term friendships over the years and continues to play a major role in each employee’s life. From spending time in the office working on your next soundproofing solution, to company outings and celebration dinners, Acoustical Solutions has a truly unique culture that drives performance, pride and a desire to continually push ourselves to become better each day.

Giving back

Acoustical Solutions is proud to be an active member of our community.  Our efforts go far beyond philanthropic objectives and strive to help build our community stronger through combined efforts of our employees and local and national foundations.

Acoustical Solutions takes a proactive approach to creating a more sustainable tomorrow by continuously searching for cleaner and greener materials, and volunteering and donating resources to food banks, museums and art foundations, scholarships programs, rotary clubs, cancer research facilities.