Installation and Accessories

Acoustic Solutions offers a complete line of accessories to assist with the installation of your sound absorbing, sound blocking, and sound proofing products. Ask our technical sales staff to lead you to the right hardware for your particular application.


Our adhesives are used for mounting the Sonex® acoustical foam, AlphaSorb fabric wrapped wall panels, Crosspoint acoustical wall fabric and spray adhesive for making in field alterations to the fabric wrapped wall panels.

E-Grip Evolve Flooring Adhesive

E-Grip III Flooring Adhesive

Loctite® Spray Adhesive

Roman Pro-838 Wall Fabric Adhesive

Titebond Greenchoice Heavy Duty Adhesive

Installation Hardware

We offer a complete selection of hardware for the installation of noise control and soundproofing acoustical products.

Green Glue 5 Gallon Applicator Gun

Impaling Clip

Iso-Step® Perimeter Isolation Strip

Privacy Pal Partition Clip


Sealants are used to prevent sound leakage around the wall or ceiling assembly that you have built to block sound. Remember, penetrations and leakage in your wall or ceiling or around doors (that add up to 1% of your walls and ceilings) will lose 50% of the effectiveness of what you have done.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant (12 Pack)