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Rotofast Polyester Snap On Anchor (50 Pack)


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Product Description

The Rotofast Polyester Snap On Anchor is an easy to use, two-part fastener system designed for use with most polyester core acoustical panels. Whether you are a contractor or just installing the panels yourself, the Rotofast Polyester Snap On Anchors are quick and efficient to install. These mechanical panel fasteners require no glue and relatively no time-consuming measurements. The anchors simply install into the back of the panel and allow you to mark where the anchors will mount. Then screw the ratchets to the wall and push the panel into place. It’s that easy!

The Rotofast Panel Anchors may be used to fasten polyester core panels to drywall. The panel anchor is approximately 2 inches in diameter and less than 1 inch high. The Rotofast Polyester Snap On anchors are very secure and have been testing to have a pullout strength exceeding 50 lb. in standard polyester board. Each substrate (concrete block, wall board, wood) may require different types of fasteners to attach Rotofast Panel Anchors securely. The acoustical panels may contain any polyester core and be of a 1″, 2″, or greater thickness.

Each Rotofast Polyester Snap On Anchor 50 Pack Includes: (50) Snap on Anchors, (50) Ratchets, (50) EZ Anchors for Drywall, (50) 2 in. #8 Screws, (6) Marking Plugs, (1) Rotofast Hex Tool and installation guide. An installation guide is located in the documents tab of this web page.


  • Quick and efficient to install
  • Saves time and money
  • For use with polyester core acoustical panels
  • Non-reactive: will not chemically react with polyester binders
  • Works with a range of densities and thicknesses
  • Pullout strength exceeding 50 lb.
Rotofast Snap On Anchors
Each 50-pack set includes the following:
50 Rotofast Polyester Snap On Anchor Snap On Anchors
50 Rotofast Snap On Screw 2″ long #8 screws
50 Rotofast Snap On Rachet Ratchets
50 Rotofast Snap On EZ Anchor EZ Anchors for drywall
6 Rotofast Snap On Marking Plug Marking plugs
1 Rotofast Snap On Hex Tool Rotofast Hex Tool

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