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Production Studios

Production rooms, whether in a commercial or home recording studio, a broadcast studio, or a production room in a church, require three things; low noise from the mechanical equipment, a room isolated from outside noise and a room with good acoustic control.

There are several engineering standards such as Noise Criterion Curves (NC), Preferred Noise Criterion (PNC) curves, that provide acceptable noise levels in different types of rooms depending on usage. Production Rooms should fall between NC 15- 20, or an equivalent dB(A) weighted level between 26 and 30 dB(A).

You get an isolated room by using double wall construction methods if you have lots of space or thinner walls using sound barrier materials, sound damping materials, resilient isolation clips, ceiling isolation hangers, acoustical doors and windows and acoustical door seals in all applications, to achieve required results.

Are you recording drums or violins? Are you in a commercial or residential space? There are many variables to take into consideration. We have staff that have built studios, have home recording studios, and have been trained in studio design that can help with your goals.