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Drop of Sun Studios

The Issue

Experienced in the world of acoustics and recording the owners of Drop of Sun Studios decided to place their first studio and joint venture in an up-and-coming section of Asheville, North Carolina. After initially designing the space and acoustic features, they wanted to partner with a local company that could both supply them with the materials needed to make the new space sound spectacular. In addition, they were also looking for that company to be able to lend a helping hand in offering advice on the best ways to utilize absorbent material in the space but keep the clean and customized look they were going for throughout. Using a combination of AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels, AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Ceiling Clouds, Diffusers, and Whispertone® Wallboard they were able to achieve the perfect sound they were going for pleasing both their audio engineers and clients.

Drop of Sun Studios

Drop of Sun Studios

About the Client

Drop of Sun Studios was a brand-new company looking to partner with a local acoustics company to help them achieve their specific sound attenuation needs while making sure to stick to their artistic and design framework.

The Challenge

When speaking with other companies, many couldn’t adapt the custom look and design they were trying to achieve. While acoustics were a high priority, the most important thing here was that they wanted to bring their artistic vision to life in a beautiful, vibrant sound studio.

The Solution

Acoustical Solutions embraced the vision of Drop of Sun Studios and recommended AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels to line some of the side walls of the main live room and one of the mixing rooms. Drop of Sun took it upon themselves to case most of these panels in finished wood to match the design elements on other areas of the studio. In addition, barrel diffusers were put above in the main mixing area, deflecting sound energy at different angles to keep the room vibrant. Above, Alphasorb® Acoustic Ceiling Clouds were added for increased absorption. Lastly, wallboard was supplied for many other areas for increased absorption in places where onsite customization made more sense. This allowed Drop of Sun to cram in additional absorption in areas where design elements made it difficult to create a prefabricated product to fit.

Drop of Sun Studios

Drop of Sun Studios

The Result

The owners and artists at Drop of Sun studios were impressed with the sound and look of their acoustical treatment. It took a team effort from both parties to achieve a beautiful, functional, and great-sounding space. Acoustical Solutions was happy to accommodate the needs of the customer and make the most of the opportunity to provide guidance and opinion while allowing the client to stay true to the custom features they wanted to accentuate their spaces.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“We already had an idea in mind for the acoustic treatments in the rooms, what we needed was a company willing to validate our design and provide us with either fully finished custom products or raw materials for onsite customization. This allowed us to focus on other aspects of the build-out. Acoustical Solutions came through on all fronts.”

— Adam McDaniel — Drop of Sun Team

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