Johns Manville Whispertone® Wallboard

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Johns Manville Whispertone® Wallboard is a widely used raw acoustical fiberglass board due to its excellent thermal and acoustical properties. Manufactured from fine, rotary-process, boorsilicate glass fibers bonded with a special thermosetting resin, Whispertone® produces a structurally rigid board-type insulation.

The top surface is smooth and uniform in color. The high tensile fibers resist settling, breakdown or sagging from vibration. The countless air spaces in Whispertone® Wallboard create effective sound absorption as well as thermal properties. Perceived noise from air movement and mechanical equipment is noticeably reduced.

This product is a raw material that is commonly covered with acoustical fabric for non-industrial interior applications.

Sound Absorption (Hz)*

*Test results provided are for raw boards only with no mounting provisions. Mounting Hardware on finished acoustical panels create a slight air gap, which increases absorption.

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2 reviews for Johns Manville Whispertone® Wallboard

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