The term “Solution” is sometimes overused. At Acoustical Solutions, a solution means not only providing the best products but also providing the best service.  We offer acoustical engineering consulting services and product installation services. The result is that Acoustical Solutions is the one company in the industry who can provide a turn-key solution from engineering support to product selection to installation to solution confirmation. Now that is a real solution!

Acoustical Engineering

We are pleased to offer acoustical engineering services. Our team of engineers are available to visit a job site, conduct sound and vibration testing, analyze data, and provide a report with unbiased recommendations on how to solve any type sound or noise control issue. Our team is skilled in evaluating architectural, industrial, and environmental applications.

If you need acoustical engineering support, give us a call at 1.800.782.5742 (Opt. #4).

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Providing the right products to solve noise control problems has been our mainstay since 1989. Along the way, we realized that many customers do not have the staff or know where to find qualified acoustical contractors to properly handle the product installation. Our teams of installers have successfully installed our products in hundreds of gymnasiums, restaurants, office spaces, houses of worship, hospitals, schools, and residences. If you need an installation done “right”, we can do it.

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