The term “Solution” is sometimes overused. At Acoustical Solutions, a solution means not only providing the best products but also providing the best service.  We are proud to offer Acoustical Engineering as well as Installation Services. As a result, Acoustical Solutions is the one company in the industry who can provide a complete turn-key solution, from onsite acoustical engineering services to product selection to installation. Now that is a real solution!

IAC Engineered Products

Our Engineered Products representative team is the exclusive IAC representative for the following geographic areas: Virginia, Maryland, DC, Georgia, and Texas. 

Our team consists of highly trained application engineers and project managers who work closely with architects and acoustical consultants to help them specify IAC products including: STC rated acoustical doors, STC rated acoustical windows, barrier walls, industrial enclosures, and modular music practice/performance spaces.

These products are typically found in music production, performing arts centers, broadcast studios, game sound design, and engine test facilities. What makes our service offering unique is that we help specify, supply, install, and service all IAC products in our geographic area. 

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Acoustical Engineering

Our engineering team is available to visit a job site, conduct sound and vibration testing, analyze data, and provide reports with unbiased recommendations on how to solve any type sound or noise control issue. Our team is especially skilled in:

  1. Solving industrial noise control problems where meeting OSHA noise standards is a requirement.
  2. Providing acoustical expertise to companies designing new products with unique sound frequency spectrum issues, or more typically, companies trying to meet a reduced sound level specification.
  3. Teaming with Universities and other research focused organizations to complete government sponsored small business R&D projects requiring acoustical expertise.

If you need acoustical engineering support, please contact us here or give us a call at 1.800.782.5742.

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Providing the right products to solve noise control problems has been our mainstay since 1989. Along the way, we realized that many customers do not have the staff or know where to find qualified acoustical contractors to properly handle the product installation. Our teams of installers have successfully installed our products in hundreds of gymnasiums, restaurants, office spaces, houses of worship, hospitals, schools, and residences. If you need an installation “done right”, we can do it.

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Site Visit

An acoustical site visit allows us to identify, diagnose and recommend the appropriate acoustical solution at the location of your application or noise problem. We offer both Acoustical Engineering site visits and Site Surveys.

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