As the only vertically integrated company in the acoustical space, Acoustical Solutions not only offers the best acoustical products, but also the best acoustical commercial estimation and installation services. As a result, Acoustical Solutions is the one company in the industry who can provide a complete turn-key solution, from onsite acoustical site survey services to product selection and installation. Now that is a real solution!

As the leader in the specialty acoustical products market, Acoustical Solutions works in partnership with the commercial construction industry. Our commercial estimating division bids on architect specified projects in the following geographic areas:

  • Virginia
  • Southern Maryland
  • Eastern Tennessee
  • Georgia
  • Alabama

We are a Class A Contractor in Virginia and can provide turnkey furnish and installation of a variety of specialty acoustical materials, typically found in Division 9 sections 09 77 13, 09 84 00, 09 84 33, and 09 84 36.

Our estimating team performs the take-offs from architect design plans, and works with a variety of material vendors to provide competitive bids to our general contractor and subcontractor partners. We also have certified project managers on staff who work with our installation department to complete projects on time and within budget.

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Acoustical Solutions is the exclusive IAC representative for the following geographic areass:

  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • DC
  • Georgia
  • Texas

Our team consists of highly trained application engineers and certified project managers who work closely with architects and acoustical consultants to help them specify IAC products including:

These products are typically found in music production, performing arts centers, broadcast studios, game sound design, and engine test facilities. What makes our service offering unique is that we help specify, supply, install, and service all IAC products in our geographic area.

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Providing the right products to solve noise control problems has been our mainstay since 1989. Along the way, we realized that many customers do not have the staff or know where to find qualified acoustical contractors to properly handle the product installation. Our teams of installers have successfully installed our products in hundreds of gymnasiums, restaurants, office spaces, houses of worship, hospitals, schools, commercial spaces and residences. If you need an installation “d-1 right”, we can do it.

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An acoustical site visit allows us to identify, diagnose and recommend the appropriate acoustical solution at the location of your application or noise problem. We offer both Acoustical Engineering site visits and Site Surveys.

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