Fabric Stretch Systems

Our Fabric Stretch Systems for Walls and Ceilings are high-end acoustical panels available as a complete site installed solution or as pre-fabricated panels we ship to you. The fabric track stretch system is constructed using an extruded, high-impact PVC track. This track allows us to use a variety of available fabric styles or printed images to complement any room decor.

The AcoustiDesign Panel, AcoustiCloud and AcoustiForm Baffles utilize the same PVC track components to manufacture pre-fabricated wall panels, ceiling clouds, and baffles that can be shipped direct to you. Available with a standard selection of fabric choices, these products may be customized with other fabrics, printed images or be made into various shapes.

The AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch System is site built by our installation teams to create a virtually seamless panel system. Any number of available fabrics are stretched over acoustical substrate and tucked into high-impact, extruded PVC track. This track allows us to cover large spans of space, create curves or shapes and easily integrates around existing obstacles in the room.

A fabric stretch system is the obvious choice for a crisp, clean looking, flexible system that will surely meet the design and acoustic goals for any project.


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