Data Sheet

Data Sheet for AcoustiForm Sound Baffle

Color Chart

Color Chart for Guilford of Maine Anchorage Acoustic Fabric

CAD Drawings

AcoustiForm Sound Baffle CAD Drawings

Standard Shapes

AcoustiForm, AcoustiCloud & AcoustiDesign Standard Shapes

AcoustiForm Sound Baffle

Our fabric-wrapped AcoustiForm Sound Baffle is constructed with a rigid plastic perimeter. The baffles contain either a reflective or absorptive acoustical core, depending on your noise control needs. These baffles come in an array of colors and sizes. Choose from your choice of over 30 Guilford of Maine Anchorage fabric colors and 23 different shapes.

Are you looking for innovation in design? Using high resolution printing, we can print any image file or design onto these baffles for a custom appearance. You can also update these baffles regularly with various printed fabrics in order to maintain a fresh seasonal appearance.

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