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Multipurpose Centers

Excessive noise and reverberation in multipurpose centers results in poor speech intelligibility between the speaker and the audience. Noisy, reverberant rooms are not conducive to a good learning or listening environment whether the room is used as a gymnasium, a theater or an assembly. Large multifunction rooms should achieve a reverberation time between 1.25 and 1.75 seconds depending on the volume of the room and the number of functions requiring good speech intelligibility. The lower the reverberation time in the room, the better the speech intelligibility you have.

The acoustic designer will help you choose the best acoustical material for your multipurpose center based on your budget,  required look and durability, the fire rating of material, and the reverberation time needed for the size and usage of the room.

There are many types of acoustic wall panels, ceiling baffles, ceiling clouds and ceiling tiles that help reduce room noise and echo.