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Acoustic Panels - Meadview Civic Association

The Issue

The Meadview Civic Association contacted Acoustical Solutions interested in our 1″ thick acoustic panels for their clubhouse building which for years has had a reverberation problem that plagued the space. With a tile floor and drywall on the walls and ceiling, the space is enclosed by hard surfaces which made board meetings and small gatherings uncomfortable at times as sound had no outlet for mitigation. Therefore, the goal was to reduce the reverberation time within the space to a comfortable level so that current and future members could enjoy the space for years to come.

About the Client

The Meadview Civic Association is located in Meadview, situated in northwest Arizona and located on the Arizona side of Lake Mead, at the extreme western end of the Grand Canyon National Park. Perched on the Grapevine Mesa, a high desert plateau with elevations around 4,000′, and above and just south of Lake Mead.

The Challenge

The association’s clubhouse is not only used for their meetings but often for small events so above all, the sound panels would need to be effective acoustically. However, they also needed to be visually appealing for the room as well. With limited space on the walls due to windows and décor, we thought the best course of action would be to apply fabric wrapped acoustic panels mounted directly to the ceiling. In addition to reducing the echo, it would keep the aesthetics of the room virtually unchanged while providing an effective remedy to the noise issues.

The Solution

Our fabric wrapped AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels flush mounted directly to the ceiling provided enough absorption to drastically change the acoustics of the room. However, due to so many obstructions on the ceiling there just wasn’t enough space to install as many 1″ thick panels needed to bring the echo down to an acceptable level. Instead, the 2″ acoustic panel provided the higher absorption performance needed to offset the square footage shortage.

AlphaSorb®= Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Panels Reduce Echo at the Meadview Civic Association Clubhouse

AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels Reduce Echo at the Meadview Civic Association Clubhouse

The Result

The sound absorbing panels lowered the overall noise level in the space significantly by reducing the reverberation time to a comfortable level. As a result, the association was thrilled with the outcome and they were finally able to enjoy a clubhouse without persistent noise issues for their meetings and events for years to come.

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