• Texas

Forest Hill Civic & Convention Center


The City of Forest Hill renovates their civic and convention center to provide a functional multipurpose space for their community of residents. The 74′ x 88′ meeting space would need to accommodate both small and large groups of people for a variety of functions.

Application Introduction:

The City of Forest Hill was brimming with excitement about restoring this space. This local building was to become a much needed multi-purpose and convention center for the Texas community.

“This project has been a long time in the making,” said Mayor Gerald Joubert, “And I believe this center will truly put Forest Hill on the map.”

The two-story, 33,000 square foot building includes many types of spaces. A large classroom, an indoor basketball court/soccer area and more than five acres of land are available for use. The facility will also serve as rental space for meetings, conferences, and conventions.

As work came closer to completion, it was clear that the auditorium would not suit the needs of the citizens. The large amount of flat, untreated surface was reflecting sound all over the room.

“We couldn’t hear people on the stage when we were in the back of the room. Sound was bouncing all over the place,” says Venus Wehle. Wehle is the President of Forest Hill’s Community Development Corporation.

Treatment Provided:

Acoustical Solutions presented a couple of options to the community development group. The city chose to use the fabric wrapped AlphaSorb® Acoustical Panels in Eggshell. This neutral color blends well with the interior space. In gyms and multi-purpose rooms, sound absorbing panels work well to cover vast areas of open wall space. They are often seen along the upper edges of the walls. This helps to address the acoustics and keep panels out of high traffic areas.


(20) 4’x8′ x 1″ Thick AlphaSorb® Acoustical Panels with square edges in Guilford of Maine FR701 2100 – 144 Eggshell installed by Acoustical Solutions.


The materials provide an interior environment that meets the needs of the local residents. The users of the space will greatly benefit from the lower reverberation time. Event organizers can use the facility without having to worry about a battling bad sound.

From the client: “We’ve only had a few small events, but we definitely think it’s helped,” says Wehle, “we have a few large events coming up that should have upwards of 500 people, so we are excited to hear the improvement.”