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Rockbridge Vineyard

The Issue

The Rockbridge Vineyard needed sound control in the tasting room where patrons relax and enjoy the products crafted at this facility. Those who run commercial wineries often wish to communicate the value and differences of the products they offer. If the customers and servers are unable to hear each other clearly, much of the tasting experience is lost.

The Challenge

The Rockbridge Winery began in 1988 and is located on 17 beautiful acres in Raphine, Virginia. The new tasting room is equipped with a counter that was partially created by converting an old farm silo, adding a quaint, rustic charm. Whether you hang out at the counter or at the tables, the view of the country landscape is well within sight. The completed room is 21′ x 34′ x 10′, with high ceilings, many hard surfaces, hardwood floors and seven large windows. When large crowds would visit for tastings, this was creating some major acoustical issues. Both the customers and employees had a difficult time hearing each other and couldn’t communicate without shouting. This was creating undo stress for all involved. They reached out to Acoustical Solutions to help solve the problem.

The Solution

Upon examination of the space, it was fairly obvious the course of action required. Absorption would need to be added to reduce the reverberation, but the question would be what and where to install. The seven windows, allowing patrons to enjoy the view, limited the wall space available for placement of wall panels. So, we looked to the high ceilings in the open space above. The ceiling height would provide enough space to hang acoustical clouds.

A set of three large four foot by eight-foot Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds were hung from the ceiling around the serving counter. This went a long way to absorb the conversation and reduce the echo being reflected off the hardwood floor and ceiling. Considering this is the central location for most of the conversation, the sound and noise is absorbed and prevented from spreading to the rest of the room. Additionally, a couple strategically placed, fabric wrapped AlphaSorb® Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panels helped to improve the sound in the rest of the space.


  • Ceiling Treatment
    • (3) 4’x8’x3″ thick Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds in white
  • Wall Treatment
    • (1) 2’x5’x1″ thick AlphaSorb® Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panels in 224 White
    • (1) 4’x4’x1″ thick AlphaSorb® Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panels in 224 White
Rockbridge Vineyard Tasting Room - Whisperwave Ceiling Clouds were installed to reduce the reverbertaion and echo, improving the customer's experience.

Rockbridge Vineyard Tasting Room – Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds were installed to reduce the reverbertaion and echo, improving the customer’s experience.

The Result

The customers and employees noticed a drastic improvement in speech intelligibility and overall experience when in the tasting room. It now provides a more relaxed and quiet setting to enjoy the wine and beautiful setting of the vineyard.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“We love our 4’x8′ Whisperwave® Clouds and feel that with the two wall panels we have adequately tamed the acoustic tiger that was our new 21′ x 34′ x 10′ winery tasting room addition. Thank you for helping us calm the beast!”

— Shep Rouse, Owner, Builder and Winemaker, Rockbridge Vineyard, Inc.

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