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Helen Mills Event Space and Theater

The Issue

This multipurpose space is used to host a wide range of events and various functions. When large gatherings were being held, it was very noisy and in dire need of acoustical treatment. With a schedule of upcoming events, a quick and economical solution was required. Custom manufactured fabric wrapped panels would have taken too long to produce within the required time frame. The fabric panels would have needed to be expedited. This would have added cost to the project and put the project out of budget. The ceiling was the primary area of concern, as it would be hidden mostly out of sight. The solution required would need to be readily available, economical and provide a clean looking aesthetic.

The Solution

The sales rep knew that made to order fabric panels would not meet the time constraints and budget for this project. PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustic Panels were recommended due to their white appearance and availability from stock. Based on conversations with the customer and the room plans, it was recommended use 2′ x 4′ runners on the ceiling’s surface. Then attach the PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustic Panels to the 2’x 4′ runners using fender washers (painted to match) and simple drywall screws. This “floats” the material out from the surface to create an air gap. This improves the sound absorption performance of the panel. Arrangements were made to ship (34) 4′ x 8′ x 1″ panels within a few days of the order to arrive on site by Friday. This allowed installation to take place Saturday morning with ample time to complete the project before the next event.

Helen Mills Event Space and Theater installed PolyPhon™ direct to the surface of the ceiling.

Helen Mills Event Space and Theater installed PolyPhon™ direct to the surface of the ceiling.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“Thank you for your amazing help in picking out an economical solution to my sound problems in my event space. Your professionalism in looking at my engineer’s plans, suggesting a product that was not only within my budget, but available and therefore could meet my time schedule, was outstanding. You answered my many emails and phone calls quickly and even provided my crew with installation suggestions and made sure the product was delivered on time. Really, you went above and beyond to help me. I would have never finished on time without your help.

The installation was finished by my crew on Saturday morning just in time for a Bar Mitzvah that evening. On Sunday, we had an information session for a college, and a wine tasting/presentation panel during the day on Monday for 125 people with a cocktail party in the evening. The panels have transformed our clients’ experiences. Comments we have so far: ‘AWESOME,’ ‘Fantastic,’ ‘Amazing,’ ‘sound is at a lower volume and the speakers can be heard,’ ‘incredible,’ and ‘Even with A/C on, the microphones sound strong and direct.’

The venue manager said she was outside the event space on her way down to the theater and she could still understand the speakers. The technician reported the music wasn’t heard on the street as it had been in the past. He also said for Monday’s presentation he noticed the crew had left two speakers pointing toward the floor after the event was well under way, but it made no difference – the sound was great. ‘Two clients who came in today noticed right away the difference and that was just two people talking. Not only is the sound quality wonderful, the panels look great! I have had a perfect purchase experience. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you!'”

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