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King Family Vineyards

The Issue

When the main event room at a winery had far too much echo, Acoustical Solutions provided PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustic Panels that blended perfectly with the existing winery design.

The resulting noise reduction made for a much quieter and more comfortable atmosphere.

The Challenge

Bordered on all sides by mountain and pastoral views, the Carriage House at King Family Vineyards in Crozet, Virginia blends perfectly with its surroundings.

The building boasts five-barrel stave chandeliers, exposed beams, rough cut oak floors and a large stone fireplace—all of which create an ideal environment for weddings, conferences, banquets and other special events. Ideal visually, that is:

“Before the sound panels were installed there was a major echo in the space,” explained the winery’s general manager, Jen Krondon. “With 200 people plus a band in there, sound was everywhere. Even with 30 people the noise was a big problem.”

Administrators at King Family Vineyards knew something had to be done about the noise situation in their main event space but were a bit hesitant.

“We were worried about the aesthetics of the room,” Krondon explained. “We thought acoustical treatment might be obtrusive or ugly. We needed a clean and simple solution.”

When the choice was finally made to contact Acoustical Solutions, the soundproofing and noise control company knew exactly what King Family Vineyards needed.

“We decided that we wanted to correct the ‘echo’ issues we had in our event space and consulted with three different companies before deciding on Acoustical Solutions…they understood the necessity for an aesthetic solution,” said the winery’s owner, Ellen King.

King Family Vineyard

Carriage House at King Family Vineyard

The Solution

While Acoustical Solutions often provides beautifully designed treatments that add to the overall themes and patterns in rooms, the company has also mastered the art of installing hidden treatment.

“[King Family Vineyards] wanted something to match the colors they already had in the room,” explained Acoustical Solutions technical sales representative, Don Strahle. “And that was no problem, we can match any color.”

In King Family Vineyards’ case, 56 white panels were prepared for the ceiling in the Carriage House and 18 beige panels were prepared for one of the walls.

The sound absorptive PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustic Panel work to reduce echo and reverberation within spaces by removing sound waves before they have a chance to bounce around the room.

In addition to their excellent absorptive qualities, PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustic Panels are also one of Acoustical Solutions’ “greenest” products. They’re made from 100% polyester (60% PET-recycled fiber and 40% PET-virgin fiber) and are 100% recyclable.

King Family Vineyard - LEED product, PolyPhon™ uses 60% recycled plastic bottles in content to create acoustic panels.

King Family Vineyard – LEED product, PolyPhon™ uses 60% recycled plastic bottles in content to create acoustic panels.

The Result

Krondon called the PolyPhon™ Polyester Acoustic Panels’ acoustical effect a “significant change” and noted the change is evident when she simply walks into the Carriage House’s main room from parallel rooms.

She also said the reduced echo, which increases speech intelligibility, will help bring in more daytime meetings and conferences in which understanding presentations and coworkers is more important.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the results…and so are the musicians that play here and the guests that are conducting seminars,” King said. “I only wish we had called [Acoustical Solutions] sooner!”

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