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Manor House

The Issue

Historic buildings are usually not perfect acoustically. When the Manor House in King Charter, Virginia was renovated for hosting special events, the ‘funny’ noises became a problem as more and more people filled the space. Thankfully, these noises were corrected with acoustic ceiling tiles. After renovations for hosting special events at the Manor House in King Charter, Virginia.

The Challenge

Built in the 1920s as a grand, classic-colonial home, the Manor House at Kings Charter is situated in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Events at the Manor House often include live music and dancing. The elegant ballroom hosts as many as 125 people at a time. The tall, deep-inset windows and high ceilings produced significant sound reverberation in the ballroom.

The Solution

Hoping to preserve the old-world charm of the room, the management didn’t want to put acoustical material on the walls to solve the problem. Instead, they wanted a ceiling material that would provide acoustical control. The solution had to be unobtrusive and fit in well with the existing décor.

To solve the problem, Manor House staff contacted Acoustical Solutions. They needed a solution that would work both acoustically and aesthetically. Acoustical Solutions recommended and installed white Sonex® Contour Panels. Using adhesive, the Sonex® Contour Panels were applied directly to the drywall ceiling in the middle of the ballroom where noise is the loudest.

Shown here at The Manor House, the Sonex Contour Acoustic Panels are direct mounted to the ceiling to improve the room acoustics.

Shown here at The Manor House, the Sonex® Contour Acoustic Panels are direct mounted to the ceiling to improve the room acoustics.

The Result

The wainscoting along the walls follows the same geometric pattern as the Sonex® Contour Panels and coordinates with the rest of the features in the room.

The Manor House has been delighted with noise reduction in the room because of the new tiles. Like many people, they were surprised to see—and hear—that you can create an attractive, design-focused ceiling that also provides significant noise control.

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