Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud

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Whisperwave® Acoustical Ceiling Cloud - Natural White

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Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud

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Size: 2' x 4' x 2"
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whisperwave-ceiling-cloud-natural-white-01Agati 1Christ Church of Arlington – Array of Sonex WhisperWave Clouds in ceiling to reduce sound reverberation.Christ Church of Arlington – Sonex Whisperwave Clouds in ceiling for modern, clean look.Whisperwave Ceiling Cloud Installation (Shape cut on site) at Amazement Square – Lynchburg, VirginiaWhisperwave Ceiling Cloud Installation (Shape cut on site) at Amazement Square – Lynchburg, VirginiaGrand Horizons Community Center Whisperwave® Ceiling CloudsThese Whisperwave Clouds are being used to absorb reverberation in an open retail space.Sonex Acoustic Foam Color Chart

Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud curved accent products allow you to unleash your creativity while reducing noise and reverberation. Add dimension and acoustical control right where you need it the most with Whisperwave® ceiling clouds.

These Ceiling clouds are suspended from ceiling-mounted cables using supplied corkscrew hangers. Made from Class 1 fire-rated melamine foam, Whisperwave® products are offered in standard and custom sizes and curve patterns.

Whisperwave® ceiling clouds are lightweight and easy to install. Whisperwave® products are available in natural white and natural grey or can be HPC Coated on the panel face and edges. (see HPC Color Chart in the document center).


  • Reduces echo and reverberation
  • Improves speech intelligibility
  • Exceptional acoustical performance
  • Mold-resistant, fire-retardant

Technical Information:

  • Size: 2′ x 4′ x 2″, 4′ x 8′ x 3″
  • Material: Open-cell melamine-based foam
  • Finishes: Natural White, Natural Grey or HPC Coated
  • Density: 0.5 to 0.7 lbs./cu. ft. (ASTM D3574-77)
  • Fire Rating: Class 1 per ASTM E 84
  • Microbial Growth: Passes UL 181, section 11
  • Fungus Resistance Rating: #0 per ASTM G21
  • NRC: Natural White or Natural Grey – 2″ (0.85) 3″ (1.05)
  • NRC: HPC Coated – 2″ (0.95) 3″ (1.10)
Sound Absorption (Hz)
per ASTM C423-90a
Natural White and Natural Grey
HPC Coated Colors
Sound Absorption (Hz)
Sabines per 2’x4′ per ASTM C423-90a
Natural White and Natural Grey

Installation Method:

  • Included Corkscrew hangers are installed in the field for ceiling-mounted cable installation (cable and cable mounts by installer).
  • Installation is best done at the end of the construction project.
  • Use clean gloves to prevent soiling material.
  • Melamine foam is fragile and should be handled with care.
  • Do not install material of unacceptable quality.
  • Maintain uniform temperature of minimum 60° F and maximum humidity of 40% prior to, during and after installation.
Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud – 2′ x 4′ x 2″
SKUFinishClouds per BoxPrice per Box
CLDSONWWC242WHTNatural White4$248.00
CLDSONWWC242GRYNatural Grey4$198.00
CLDSONWWC242HPCHPC Coated4$330.00
Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud – 4′ x 8′ x 3″
SKUFinishClouds per BoxPrice per BoxAvailability
CLDSONWWC483WHTNatural White1$451.00Call*
CLDSONWWC483GRYNatural Grey1$361.00Call*
CLDSONWWC483HPCHPC Coated1$640.00Call*

*NOTE: 4′ x 8′ x 3″ WhisperWave Clouds ship on a pallet via freight truck service.

For more information on our Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.

1 review for Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud

  1. 4 out of 5


    Product looks great after installed, but much more fragile that anticipated during the installation process. Had to wear cloth gloves because they get dirty very easily.

WhisperWave® Ceiling Cloud Installation Guide

WhisperWave® Ceiling Cloud Installation Guide

Here is an example of how to install Acoustical Solutions WhisperWave acoustical ceiling clouds.

WhisperWave® Clouds installed at UVA OpenGrounds

WhisperWave® Clouds installed at UVA OpenGrounds

The new UVA OpenGrounds facility required acoustical treatment to lower reverberation and improve speech intelligibility. The architect decided on Whisperwave Clouds from Acoustical Solutions, which blended with the aesthetic design and enhanced the acoustical quality of the space.

What is HPC Coating?

HPC is a high performance coating that is applied to acoustical foam. This improves the durability of the material and provides a surface that can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

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Data Sheet

Data Sheet for Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud

Installation Guide

Installation Guide for Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud

CAD Drawings

CAD Drawings for Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud

4' x 8' Drawing

4' x 8' Drawing for Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud

LEED Credit Statement

LEED Statement for Sonex® Acoustic Foam

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