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UVA OpenGrounds

The Issue

The UVA OpenGrounds facility required acoustical treatment to lower reverberation and improve speech intelligibility. Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds from Acoustical Solutions blended with the aesthetic design and enhanced the acoustic quality of the space.

The Challenge

The OpenGrounds facility at the University of Virginia was designed as a collaborative meeting and workspace for faculty and student groups.

William Sherman, the architect behind the renovation of the building to be used, knew that a space with high ceilings and an open layout like this one needed to have acoustics taken into consideration.

The Solution

Large gatherings, open table discussions, and presentations require a room with low reverberation for speech intelligibility.

To achieve this, Sherman contacted Acoustical Solutions who recommended Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds. These acoustical clouds are made with sound absorbing foam material with an NRC of .85 and are effective at reducing high reverberation times created by bare, hard surfaces.

The Result

Lindsey Hepler, the program manager for OpenGrounds, says that there was a noticeable difference in the sound and usability of the space after the Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds were installed.

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