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CCA Global Partners

The Issue

CCA Global Partners were looking to reduce overall noise levels and reverberating off of all the hard surfaces in many areas of their office space. We partnered with their team to come up with the exact acoustical treatment to address the concerns of the employees and staff.

The Challenge

There were multiple areas that were in serious need of acoustical material. The old mill building had high ceilings and nothing but reflective materials, like brick and hardwood floors. An attempt had been made with some makeshift options, but they all had little or no effect on the problem. It was difficult to carry on conversations during conferences in their meeting room.

The support services group functions much like a call center. There are many employees talking all at the same time. All of this sound permeates around the room and is amplified when it bounces off the hard surfaces of the room. Many of the staff were becoming frustrated while trying to maintain an ineligible phone conversation. This also made it difficult for the nearby audio and video editing suite called the Innovation Room. Not only that, but the edit suite needed to address the acoustics for optimal sound quality and reproduction.

The Solution

CCA Global worked with Acoustical Solutions to design a multi-product fix for these issues. In the Meeting room and Support Services, we decided that the best option would be Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds.Their ability to hang directly above the individual cubicles create an acoustical cap for each of the employees. For the Audio/Editing suite, we settled the fabric wrapped panels contained in Our AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panel Room Kit (Both Medium & Large) as well as more of the Whisperwave® Ceiling Clouds. Since it was a smaller space and the walls were closer together, they had to address the wall to wall reflections in addition to the ceiling.

CCA Global Partners

CCA Global Partners

The Result

By installing the acoustical foam clouds and fabric wrapped wall panels, they acquired a significant reduction in noise levels. This made for a better employee experience by making the speech more intelligible and cleaner audio for the sound room.

In the Customer’s Own Words

“We are experiencing a noticeable reduction in sound travel and level of noise. Mark Brock was very informative, attentive, responsive and supportive throughout this entire transaction. I thoroughly appreciated dealing directly with one person for the entirety of the project.”

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