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Adidas Village

The Issue

When Adidas decided to renovate a 10.5-acre former hospital site to build the Adidas Village, they knew they wanted to create a showpiece of ingenuity and design. In order to do this, they created an award-wining facility that brought together different elements of design to allow for the look, feel and sound they desired.

The Challenge

The problem facing the designers was that they needed to highlight certain areas of the space for clients and the public. The entries and show rooms needed to standout and give visitors a feeling of innovation. However, the high-tech feel that the designers sought could have created serious acoustical issues if they had used finishes with reflective, hard surfaces.

The objective then became finding an acoustically appropriate finishing material that would create the visual environment needed to make the Adidas Village stand out as a center of innovation as the North American Headquarters of Adidas Saloman.

The Solution

Sonex® Squareline Acoustic Ceiling Tiles were incorporated to add a modern look to the reception area, conference rooms and various offices. The high-tech look of Sonex® Squareline Acoustic Ceiling Tiles also complimented the merchandise displays, which are continually updated along the walls within the showrooms.

“We put Sonex® Squareline Acoustic Ceiling Tiles in places that get noticed, places where we want to make an impression with clients or the general public,” said Owen Clemens, special projects director for Adidas. “We really like the way they look. Plus, they control sound and are cost effective.”

“The appeal of Sonex® Squareline Acoustic Ceiling Tiles is not limited to just the ceiling,” said Michael Roberts, interior architect for LRS Architects, “The non-directional pattern of the tiles compliments the rooms, fixtures and display items. The contrast of the metal grid finish and the charcoal background insert was a complimentary ingredient in the interior’s aesthetic appeal.”

Sonex® Squareline is a fresh alternative to traditional, linear or perforated metal ceiling tiles. These galvanized, powder-coated, expanded metal ceiling tiles are pre-bonded to Class 1 fire-rated melamine foam. Depending on the thickness of the foam insert, this foam core absorbs 55 to 80 percent of the sound that reaches them.

Sonex® Squareline tiles are durable and provide clean lines to compliment offices, convention centers, retail stores, conference facilities and other modern interior spaces. The tiles are notched for quick orientation and can be installed into a standard ceiling grid at any stage of construction.

Adidas Village - Sonex Squareline ceiling tiles using expanded metal style to create a modern look.

Adidas Village—Sonex® Squareline ceiling tiles using expanded metal style to create a modern look.

The Result

The Adidas Village received much praise for its design, use of recycled materials, acoustics, and energy efficiency. The center now accommodates administrative, product development, sales, marketing, and other functions for Adidas Saloman North America.

The design team included BOORA Architects, LRS Architects, R&H Construction, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Glumac International, David Evans & Associates and Lango Hansen Landscape Architects.

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